Endorse Banji Benjamin Okunomo for Ondo state Governor 2020

      Banji Benjamin Okunomo

Before we became anything,we were first human;with no worries,anxiety and no evil intention. But something led to something, and the other thing chameleoned to the other thing. So, to make for a better life, for the security of ourselves from ourselves, some bodies of institutions were set-up, on whose axis the affairs of the state revolves.

But admit/permit me to say, the hands we have given the mandate to take us towards the shore of possibilities has stabbed us from all sides we never imagined. The only problem with Nigeria, as well as the other African countries is that we like falsified truths, chameleon tricks and cherish mediocrity, as if the money is from the purse of our leaders.

We detest change, not because we don't wish or crave for it, but because we are blindfolded by the lots of today, and betrays our tomorrow. The tomorrow we are to build for the next generation is the rice, the money, the goodie that we are given, so as to sell our conscience to another hand that will turn to strike our cheek, with same hand that blessed our pocket.

When we vote for change and the change we pray to bring a change is indeed a change in the reverse, why don't we change our presumed change for another change that can make the change we want. The day we know our strength as Electorate, that is the day we are ready for a better life; the day we understand that our inactions and actions is the web that strengthen our leaders to tame us, and milk us like babies,then we are a step forward and free from the shackles of slavery.

Banji Benjamin Okunomo is the only sailor that can sail our ship in this boisterous storm to the shore of possibilities; He is the vision from afar, that saves one from all uncertainties.

#EndorseBBO for ONDO 2020

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