Fayemi put justice to Disputed Land for worship between Muslims and Governor Wike

Chairman Nigeria Governors forum, Kayode Fayemi & Nyesom Wike, at the disputed site.

Following media hype of a dispute between His Excellency Governor Nyesom Wike and the Muslim community over a small piece of land in Rivers state, the Nigeria Governors forum Chairman who doubles as Governor of Ekiti state, Kayode Fayemi has laid the issue to rest.

While speaking at the site of the disputed land Fayemi said;

With what I have seen I cannot see any evidence of any building that has been demolished here.
If you are somebody who wants a place of worship, you should find a way to oblige them. I know within your capacity, it will be possible to find a place for them. 

                      The disputed site

From what I have seen here, I think it is a storm in a tea Cup. There is nothing to warrant this kind of media hype that has been given to it".

"You cannot allow people to build on a sewer.  Even in my state I will not allow people to build on a sewer . There is no Governor that I know that will allow that to happen. 

"If they are willing and prepared to have their place of worship elsewhere,  that shouldn't be too much of a request.  It is important for us to promote harmony".

Upon all the media hype, Governor Wike has been vindicated, some persons mocked for speaking lies against the governor and others disgraced for spreading lies and unverified facts. 

"No matter how long justice will always prevail over lies and injustice."

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