The man in derision perfectly stand,
with nothing strong enough to withstand,
Only embracing the collar of Mediocrity,
till age steals and buried deep his sanity.

Now, everytime is to count his past glory,
As if he need thousand praises from all,
But humanity want present success not story,
For story of the past in deaf ears will fall.

As long as death haven't shot her arrow
the man of today isn't the man of tomorrow,
But when lifelessness dart into the heart
that is when humanity try to explore your act;

Either good or bad they will surely say,
but what a pity,the doer has left life's way;
I wish heroes could receive accolade
When their body is still marble perfectly awake,

not until the land has their body gladly slide
Into the heart of the soil never to see a new wake.
Yet,I won't need to invite pressure to my belief,
For it takes like forever to Change human thinking,

Time is what can bring forth our crave for relief,
Not trying to say many words,for nothing keep sinking.
Yes,nothing sinks into the human head,
for they hardly hear what was/is said.

Human in thinking...

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