After the picture of Katsina state governor with bandits went viral, the Indigenous people of Biafra as made their war quotes and renditions.
           Governor masari with bandits

                     Nnamdi Kanu
According to Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the yet to be great country, he said on his twitter handle;
SE Govs, if you knew nothing about Operation Python Dance 2, why did you proscribe IPOB in its wake? The same northern leaders instigating you to fight peaceful IPOB is busy negotiating with & financing their fellow Fulani bandits. Who is fooling who? Too little, too late.


We were robbed our castles, our land and our right,
They even stole our resources and change the name of our locations to what they seem,
A lot of people have died, our statesmen are held hostages,
They are telling us to give up our oil,
The are telling us to give them parcel of land varying to acres and hectares,
They are telling us to recover the valuable thing,
The things they lost,


In this battle,
We are not going to falter or fall in!
We will continue to fight,
If our sword breaks, we'll fight with our  hands,
If we have not strength and are caught, our eyes will pierce the enemies,
If our eyes get plucked out,
We'll speak about their sin's to the heavens!
We'll let them know, they can never take us from this land!
Now this land shall be called... IPOB NATION, and we would restore our country...

God bless the Indigenous people of Biafra

Yours in struggle,

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