New faces of student's killed in Fuoye

Its eminent to note that a government who does not have regards for critics and check mate cannot be said to have done well. Auliq Ice once said "Only a person who perceives that all human beings are important can become a great leader." Fayemi has not done right with the way things as gone in Federal university Oye-Ekiti, Ekiti state.

Its concluded that the actions against the protest is not alien to the Nigeria masses as its Like father like son, looking at the Sowore's case in Lagos, one can conclude it runs in the APC blood to kill, maim, imprison, and also remand protesters.

 Still counting the death toil is still four and others injured. But the funniest thing is that Fayemi is educated, also his wife why has they made a family to enter another round of weeping when that of a failed economy is yet to dry? Posterity will judge Nigerian leaders through which student lost their lives.

Why will a government disregard peaceful protest, can someone ask why will government in her best interest to make parents and their wards cry?

Enough of this killings in Fuoye.
Our prayers is that "May anyone who has hand in this meet their own waterloo in no distance time".

Photo credits by: Obafemi

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