Knowing the Past, Observing the Present, and Changing the Future...

To perfectly clip or eclipse how far we have come, that is, to decide if Nigeria has moved in development in par with other Africa States that were granted Independence at the same time; Countries like Ghana (1957), Togo (1960), Cameroon (1960), Mali (1960), Kenya (1963), and The Gambia (1965) just to mention but few. 

It is pertinent for us to know that, it is true that colonialism has done to us more evil than good, but it is not sufficient enough for us to continue blaming others for our woes, instead of trying to find a way to raise our country out of the quicksand of underdevelopment. I can say plainly, that the colonialist most successful impact in Nigeria that can be applaud is teaching us the kleptomaniac trick, of siphoning the black's money to worship at the whiteman's feet.

A search through memory lane and historical records will reveal that,Nigeria,as well as other Africa countries Past and present Leaders are responsible for most of Africa's woes; starting with the coup, misgovernance, autocratic rule, embezzlement etc. The first military coup in Africa was staged in Egypt in 1952.

In 1958, there was another coup in Sudan. In 1963, a coup took place in Togo. In 1966, there was a coup in Nigeria that toppled  the Government of Aguiyi Ironsi. Throughout 1970's, Africa became a master planner and Lord of coups, whose Government is formed by Coupist. The military as well as their Civilian counterpart have a lot in common; the military pretending to be the people's Messiah took over power from the civilian Government who were then very corrupt, they embezzled the nation's wealth. 

When the military first came into power in their respective Africa State, the people applauded them as the Politicians were imprisoned. But the music changes, and the tune became an unpleasant one, that matches no dance step, because the military who took over power was soon found in same shoes wore by the Civilian Government. Later, there was countless counter-coup; then, it Dawn on the people that the military are just power thirsty people, who also want to take a slice from the national cake.

The Crux of the matter is yet unsolved, because though we claim to be practicing democracy, but in real sense, it is an adulterated one; due to the sit-tight syndrome of our Leaders. 

To this end, when we look at the issues surfacing in our respective society most of all Ondo state, the electorate need to decide fast and good to reject a fascist government and bring in a working government who has leadership character and crested with the love of the people.

Endorse Banji Benjamin Okunomo for Governor, Ondo state. With him we can all share the dividends of democracy.

PDP! power to the people
#BBO 2020

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