We heard from an ancient Source,
that love is not always a sweet Sauce;
For to some it reveal to be a healthy illness,
And to others it may appear with fair happiness.

I have loved once,twice and a double -twice,
But I failed nicely,but up again very wise;
When undiluted Failure kissed my face,
My heartthrob opened to another phase.

Disappointment calls on me from a stereo,
For she knows how awful I felt after the scenario,
But as I listened to the preaching of fishes,
I remembered that enemy within is evil's riches.

Love is good,but can sometimes be easily bought,
With money,fame and alignment with evil thought;
Heart Security doesn't keep love turned money lust,

For with that lustful filled ignition
they can anything into your heart thrust,
so as to record a successful mission,
even if on them your whole trust you entrust,

they will easily make love seem old and rust.
I have seen a thousand happenings on this earth crust,
But one thing is sure,love is never a must;

For even Earth's heart bleeds over human ruse,
and wish she can someday break up the connection fuse

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