Mc Donald explain why Halal certified food was dropped

Halal certified food in Europe has become a must over time, as some inns and fast food restaurants are restricted from going beyond the wish of those who want Halal certified food. There was a major upturned as Mc Donald food do not agree to follow the decision owing to not reaching a well number size of customer, amounting to reduction in profit and sales.

The decision which cause an uproar in different quarters in Europe is seen as a blow to the culture of the UK and a means of taking up with other peoples culture. The Muslims in UK see the decision by Mc Donald as unhealthy while most UK official resident see the move as upholding the true value of the United kingdom.

Hi, we conducted a Halal trial a few years ago and learnt that Halal certified food is only popular with a very small percentage of customers. Given it would require significant changes to our kitchen procedures and supply chain, we have no plans to offer Halal food in the UK, Mc Donald food has said.

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