ONDO 2020: Omi Titun or Otun Otun?

Politcs has always been with acronyms whereas politicians choose that which best fit their political idea, Donald Trump of the Unites State use Make America great again (MAGA) and Keep America great (KAG), Britain too follow suit using Make Britain great again (MBGA), Nigeria also is not left out as politician and political party have an acronym they use for campaign, during and after campaign.

Oyo state Governor, Seyi makinde

Following the political suicide of Governor Abiola ajimobi the Olubadan & Ayefele tormentor and his godson Adedibu, the Oyo's now sings Omi titun which is the campaign slogan of Seyi makinde. The working Governor really earn it, he earn the respect of the people through the feet attained in the last 100 days in office, and believed to do more.

Trending online is the believe that the governor is not a Nigerian but from a foreign land. Considering the giant stride of the governor listed as follows;

• Free Primary and Secondary Education. Free exercise books and other materials for all school children. The books have no party logo. The books have no governor's image. The books are not to be sold.

• Pensioners and workers gets paid every 25th of the month and 23rd if pay day falls on weekend.
                   Eyitayo jegede

• Launched Oyo State-Farmcrowdy Agribusiness Partnership to commence a 3-year plan with 50,000 farmers in the state.

• 100 units of Kia Rio 1.4 Executive Automatic Transmission vehicles for the various security agencies

Criminalise Open Grazing

• Begins e-registration of everyone living in Oyo State to determine the number of people living and doing business in the state

• Proscribed NURTW because of violence emanating from the group in the state and to this day, they are yet to be back

• N500,000 bursary for every Oyo State indigene Studying in Law School

• Publicly declared his assets as 48billion Naira

• Established Oyo State Financial Crimes Commission to fight graft in government

• Ready to waive his immunity if found to have stolen from government

Everything is strictly government, The N3000 levy imposed on Oyo school children by Ajimobi was cancelled the second week Seyi took office and declared full free and quality education in the state

And his monthly salary is N650,000

 Compare to the  growth in Ondo state anchor by Oluwarotimi Akeredolu (Otun Otun) listed as follows;

• Construction of road network in part of ikare
• Construction of road network in part of Owo
• Construction of road network in part of Akure
• Construction of road network in part of ile oluji
• Increase mother and child hospital fee
•  Increase government spending on travelling to ibadan for rest
•  Increase the rate of herdsmen action in the state.
•  Invested state money to foreigner use and take after his 4years.
•  Reduced employment rate
•  Overworked teachers in primary and secondary school.
•  Started a facist water campaign.
•  Spend state money on fighting Tinubu
•  Spend state money to finance getting minister of state e.t.c
•  Gave out our transport company.

Having outline all this, what should ondo state looks for come 2020?

Omi titun or Otun Otun?

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