Ondo decides: Akeredolu modifying his Vomit

Akeredolu has become one of Nigeria's political Juggernaut lately with victory against the jagaban of Lagos, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, his protégé Adam Oshiomole by and large destroying the political fate of Alexander Olusola OKE the APC unpublished runner up for 2016 election to subdue Akeredolu.

Elections has come and  gone, but the marks it leaves remains, the word said documented, and the actions recorded for the sake of times, which is now to judge who is who, what is what.
Akeredolu in 2012 election submit that Mimiko cannot and should not contest for second term on the basis that he under perform, he mismanage Ondo state funds and most particularly he submit that the government is anti-people.

Omi Titun

Akeredolu in his then unaccepted home town said in Yoruba language "erukutu lari, a o ri òda" with translation "we see dust no asphalt" in campaign attack of the then ongoing dualization of the owo township road, though completed after the election's.

With little from loads of words credited to Akeredolu in his bid to emerge as Governor in 2012, we submit that he should look back to the past and never be a dog that eats from his own vomit, neither should he modify it to suit his ambition.

Ondo state should  remember how mimiko treated them in second term,after he broke
the jinx.

Never again accept second term in office.
Akeredolu will treat you more worst, so as to support the Lagos cabal for 2023.

#Ondo wise up
#Omi Titún is better than Otún otún

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