Ondo decides: The man BANJI BENJAMIN OKUNOMO

 Banji Okunomo

Politics has become an eyesore to the wise because of the corrupt and inept people who have been on the helm of government affairs. But reverse is the case with the man Banji Benjamin Okunomo.

For the benefit of those who probably have not seen Hon. Banji Okunomo that got Ondo State talking today with reference to his current political aspiration of becoming the governor of the state in 2020, Okunomo hails from Ode-Etikan community in Ilaje local government area of Ondo state. He had his primary school education in the same town, and his secondary school education at community grammar school, Zion Pepe, a neighbouring community in the same Local Government. He thereafter proceeded to Federal University of Technology, Akure, where he bagged a degree in biochemistry in 2001. He is a Lawyer in equity.

As a graduate of biochemistry who has scientific background, Okunomo is a technocrat; and as a man who is professionally involved in politics, he is a politician; and as an employer of labour and entrepreneur who involves in the business sector, Okunomo is also a business man. He is vast in all of these areas because he believes life must culminate into positive results in order to make a meaningful impact in life. Okunomo veered into all of these areas to become a full fledged man in our society today.

As a middle aged man, he has achieved some levels in life; and he is sufficiently self dependent. He doesn’t depend on any man to survive because he has the minimum requirements in life to be able to live as a responsible man, a father of four children and husband of one wife from a first class royal family of Mahin Kingdom in Ilaje Local government of Ondo State. He had impacted the lives of people as a technocrat, as a politician, and as a business man.

He has created a lot of employment opportunities for people to make a living, being a believer in the philosophy, “ a man that has not yet started living until he can rise above the narrow confine of his individualistic concern to the brother concern for all humanity”. Okunomo ventured into politics to be part of the people molding the society for better, so that the people can live a meaningful life because through politics, the lives of the people could be easily affected positively.

While sojourning in politics, he was appointed chairman Ilaje Local Government between 2011 to 2013 by former governor Olusegun Mimiko.

He made a remarkable breakthrough as council chairman because he created unbeatable legacies that demonstrated remarkable distinction between the past and the present.

To be continued...

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