In debating feminism, it would be a gaffe for a pro feminist to align with any of the two largest religion in the world. I don't take people like this serious!

I choose to believe there's nothing like a Christian or Muslim feminist. You can't be a Christian or Muslim, and still be a feminist. If you are, two things are involved; is either you are confused and outrightly not serious or perhaps you know nothing about this concept you choose to propagate.

Not even when nothing undermines and ridicule the position of women and uphold patriarchy than religion. It's even worse in the middle eastern religion that Qur'an advocates beating wives when they misbehave; Qur'an 4:34.

A video was trending online, while security men beat up a woman for standing for her right in Saudi Arabia, because she use not the head gear. Law against women is over hyped, but men goes out freely.

And the bible on the other end has already relegated women to a passive role in meddling into family, religious and societal issues.
Some couple of days ago, two people were arguing on a matter and the male concluded " You are a lady so I stop battling with a seeker vessel" 

We need to stop men supremacy over women. Both gender are meant to be friends as couples and as side chicks as friends.

Women are Human too.

As you battle the system that place embargo on gender equality, religion shouldn't be left out at it's the greatest and long standing threat to it.


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