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 The name Pericles sound strange in the ears of the wicked, The word Athens has been registered and imprinted on man's heart as a colony of the proud and arrogant, which they were never ashamed of; for they work for it with their blood against this age where learners are disregarded and called the I too know (I.T.K).

The world today need to return to the age where Books are the emblem of life and power, though still hold, Politicians need to remember the days of fight for qualities than fight for riches. Men in religious status should return to when God love is supreme than the age of "Accept my Jesus and take my food"

Pericles of Athens is a Great politician that lived, living, and lives on; for men may die but their works withstand the test of time.
Great men were prompt to serve because of this, but the new age develop greediness and has dwell among us...

Boris Johnson linked his political ambition with the words of Pericles of Athens..

One of the works of Pericles and even the greatest is the Funeral Oration...Which reads;

"Our form of
government is called a democracy because..."

      "... Our form of government does not imitate the laws of neighboring states. On the contrary, we are rather a model to others. 
Our form of government is called a democracy because its administration is in the hands, not of a few, but of the whole people.

 In the settling of private disputes, everyone is equal before the law. Election to public office is made on the basis of ability, not on the basis of membership to a particular class. No man is kept out of public office by the obscurity of his social standing because of his poverty, as long as he wishes to be of service to the state.

 And not only in our public life are we free and open, but a sense of freedom regulates our day-to-day life with each other. We do not flare up in anger at our neighbor if he does what he likes. And we do not show the kind of silent disapproval that causes pain in others, even though it is not a direct accusation. 

In our private affairs, then, we are tolerant and avoid giving offense. But in public affairs, we take great care not to break law because of the deep respect we have for them. We give obedience to the men who hold public office from year to year. 

And we pay special regard to those laws that are for the protection of the oppressed and to all the unwritten laws that we know bring disgrace upon the transgressor when they are broken.

      "Let me add another point. We have had the good sense to provide for our spirits more opportunities for relaxation from hard work than other people. Throughout the year, there are dramatic and athletic contests and religious festivals. In our homes we find beauty and good taste, and the delight we find every day in and this drives away our cares. 

And because of the greatness of our city, all kinds of imports flow in to us from all over the world. It is just as natural for us to enjoy the good products of other nations as it is to enjoy the things that we produce ourselves.

      "The way we live differs in another respect from that of our enemies. Our city is open to all the world. We have never had any aliens' laws to exclude anyone from finding our or seeking anything here, nor any secrets of the city that an enemy might find out about and use to his advantage. 

 For our security, we rely not on defensive arrangements or secrecy but on the courage that springs from our souls, when we are called into action. As for education, the enemy subjects their children from their earliest boyhood to the most laborious training in manly courage. We, with our unrestricted way of life, are just as ready to face the dangers as they are. And here is the proof.

 The Spartans never invade Attica using only their own troops, but they bring along all their allies. But when we attack a nearby city, we usually win by ourselves even though we fight on enemy soil against men who defend their own homes. No enemy, in fact, has even engaged our total military power because our practice is constantly to attend to the needs of our navy, as well as to send our troops on many land excursions. 

Yet, if our enemies engage one division of our forces and defeat it, they boast that they have beaten our entire army, and if they are defeated they say that they lost to our whole army. So it is not painful discipline that makes us go out to meet danger, but our easy confidence. 

Our natural bravery springs from our way of life, not from the compulsion of laws. Also we do not spend our time anticipating the sufferings that are still in the future, and when the test is upon us, we show ourselves no less brave than those who are continually preparing themselves for battle. Athens deserves to be admired for these qualities and for others as well. 

To be continued...

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