Pursue those who pursue you " Reacting to South Africa Xenophobic Attacks "

I will be unapologetic to say "Nigeria government is inexistential, and you can't talk about what is not existing", The present Nigeria government has no moral right to talk against the attack done upon her citizens because they could not call their person to order when they decided to attack both in History and in the present, case of 15th January, 1966, Fulani herdsmen, attack on the Tiv's, Benue in general, and the attack on southern farmers etc.

Nigerians cannot rely on the presidency to act because the presidency does not have the technical know-how to go about it. And the best they can do is to call on her people home, but home coming is worst, as the economy is at its greatest fall since independence. No nation can exist without a good and working environment where all have something to gain than where 5% of it's citizen are the gaining winners.

The nation is really heading to a state whereby the revolution she imprison is calling for  break every chain and at that time, young and old will take on the words of the Bible " To your tent oh ISREAL" it will be a deadly catastrophe, in which all men will take on what best she is good at.

This incidence reminds one of the Ife - Modakeke crisis that ensue in 1982, when the owner of an investment holding  situate along Mayfair decree that nobody should touch his investment; that in so doing it is total outbreak of war, and of a truth he did defend his investment holding.

This can also be replicated in South Africa, Nigerians should defend their investment holdings. Nigerians are known to be hardworking but the country they met themselves did not give a workable space and so move to get greener pasture.

They went to South Africa to look for what to eat but now good men are eating them up, to be candid its not S.A fault, they are defending their country from Nigeria imperialism and White colonialism.

I will therefore advice that Nigerian's in South Africa should pursue, maim, and bury who ever  does that to his people. Before they kill you, kill 10, by that both government will come to an agreement.

Kill me I kill  you, God and god's cannot and never be angry.

 A word is enough for the wise.


  1. This is really crazy, how will south Africa forget all those moment when nigerians wipe tears from there face. Nigerians create business there and even employed them in SA.
    Say no to Xenophobic

  2. We outrightly condemn their actions.

  3. It has gotten out of hands, we pray not to lose any more souls... We're brothers and we ain't supposed to be doing this to our self's, it's so unfortunate that this is happening between two Africa countries, same race, this saddens my heart, what's xenophobia, all what I think is that, they're only jealous of the success and progress of the Nigerians in their country. But if the battle line should be drawn, a lot of things will go for it.

  4. A lot, as you have rightly spelt out. Nigerians are known for been hardworking and it runs in their blood, as spelt out in the news you commented on, the South Africans are preventing another colonialist and imperialist.


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