Didn't he warned you to do away with Sin,
If you must on this planet 'earth' live and win?
Didn't he told you to keep his ten holy commandments,
or come back to him if by chance thy need amendments?

But thou has chosen my path,
thou have come,never to depart;
come let me show you the path of hell,
and that path where nobody can ever tell.

Thy creator begotteth thy Messiah for thee,
while Lucifer adopted me his son to forever be;
Loyalty calls from the heart of our destructive faithful,
not like you who disguise to be to thy maker grateful...

Woman!I am the one thou was warned about,
I am the destruction prepared for the last bout;
Give me thy heart,and I will give thee alot of wealth,
Worship Lucifer,and we will never touch your health.

Men!Will thou not thy life enjoy on earth,
for heaven gat nothing to give to thee;
will thou not enjoy life before thy earthly death,
before thou come to live with me,and forever be.

O servant of Lucifer,the path of hell,
I understand all that thou have tell;
I see that thy kingdom is full already,
but to thy kingdom,my heart isn't ready.

I like thy courage and thy mouthy sound,
but in all thy words,I can see alot of deceit found;
My heart is in the path of the one thou betrayed,
and I will be there when thou will be in his court arraigned...


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