THE PRINCIPLES OF WORK: Folding the week with Mastery

Keep records
A staff was accused for doing away with some amount of money in Abuja, Nigeria, and also told to show the income and expenditure data which the office never had a file for such.
Been accused in the presence of all,she quietly went straight to her desk pull out a diary like books compilation and check the data in the book. Believe you me, she got the exact time and purpose the particular amount in question was received and spent.

Notifying her boss and other principal officers of the new development, the staff was vindicated, not vindicated but trusted to handle greater task, on the basis that she perform good at keeping records.

You can save yourself a lot of disgrace if only you can spare a little time to keep records, office work are sometimes demanding, but remember yesterday dose of the principle of works, put it into action here.

Walk your talk, don't just read..Do.

Say I am superior.

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