THE PRINCIPLES OF WORK: Show superiority through actions

Today is a great day for you, if only you believe in the power of your hand and the excellency of the prowess you are building.
In your office today, consider this;

SUPERIORITY: true excellence does not come from being superior to others, but means surpassing oneself time and again.

•This is achieved by going the extra mile when you believes you have reached the end of the road.

•Its is the extra effort you put into work when you believe its time for a break.

•The extra time you spend thinking about work outside of working hours, also the extra contributions you make when you think you have already given everything.

•Its is the finishing touch an artist gives to a painting, when he steps back to look at it and then add a final touch that catches the attention of critics.

•It is also the continuous belief that there is something extra one can add but not sure exactly what it is and keep searching for it until its found.

Note: surpassing oneself also means doing away with the word "despair" maintaining hope, thinking positively and having the will to succeed.

Wishing you a great and achieving Wednesday.

Say I will be great

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