There is no God,let me file my case,
Listen carefully, for a recapture should incase
time spills away my ink,and dry up my place,
I mean,my strength,and power to the other phase;

For it may take a great deal of days
to make clear my belief and ways;
to clear thy doubts and believe about my say,
so,thou won't claim I have led thee astray.
There is no God,he only lives in our thought,
and when man is gone,everything turns nought,

there is never a God,don't ask me why,
for I am ready to answer to the uttermost why.
Tell me no more of God or Allah,
Tell it not,Put your hands to allay,
Tell me not of Jesus or Muhammed,
What part of mine have they ever amend?
Tell purity of her guilt in disguise,
tell love of her deceit in it guise;

ask from thy God,thy supreme being,
Why men are evil,and yet He sits
In some unknown path like a king
with gold crown,some elders besits
only to judge humanity of their deeds
that is apparently from unexplored seeds.

Yet,this was what came from a foolish man,
A man that seek to question his creator;
Only a fool says all that his lips says he should & can
and make his maker a portray of an evil actor...
There is God,and He is good to all earthlings,
and never any of his creation make a weakling;
but it is divine,that we can't be a stronger all,

Let's we to pride give a faithful call to fall.
There is God,there is indeed a Lord,
in all Accord,He is sufficient in his word.
THE fool hath said in his heart,There is no God.
Psalm 14 vs 1.

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