US support India against Pakistan radical Islamic terrorism

The fight for Kashmir has taken a new shape, based on the killings and injury served on Hindu's in Pakistan by  Islamic fanatics. An alliance was formed on sunday between India Nenranda Modi and Donald Trump of the United state.

Donald speaks openly against the rising evil in India administered land, a declaration attended by over 50,000 persons of the union. The meeting which was held at Houston, US, attended by both Indian American and Non- India residents.

The two leaders praise themselves in an unusual way, they  received a lot of praises as many chants USA, USA. Modi and Trump came in with a grand entrance whist clenching arms together. " I admire Trump for his sense of leadership and strong resolve to make America great again ", Modi said.

The India prime minister also said " From CEO to commander in chief, from boardrooms to the Oval office, from studios to the global stage... he has left a lasting impact everywhere,while standing beside President Trump. Trump responded by saying Modi is "doing a truly exceptional job for India". We are proud yo have you as Americans. We thank  you, we love you, and my administration is fighting for you every day.
And further said, " we are committed to protect innocent civilians from radical Islamic terrorism, which prompted a loud cheer from the audience, including the prime minister, who stood up from his seat.

Watch video of Donald Trump speech

Overview of the attendee's

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