Victory for Animal in Belgium

Following the new law passed in Belgium, any person can no longer kill an animal except it is stunned.
The  new law reads in part " Animals must first be stunned before slaughter " A law wining activists support but Upsetting Jews and Muslims in the Northern and southern part of Belgium.

Vandenbosch, the president of Global Action in the Interest of Animals, (GAIA), activist group calling for the ban of slaughter without stunning says "When you cut an animal's throat, without stunning, it still feels pain,".
The GAIA produced a video showing animals contorting after a knife cuts the blood vessels in the neck. 
"If you take the scientific evidence really seriously, then these kinds of habits should change." 
Vandenbosch and fellow supporters of the ban claimed a victory when the second such law went into effect in Brussels on September 1.
But religions right groups as filled a petition to the constitution Court calling for a review of the law as they claim the bans are discriminatory, but Vandenbosch rejects framing them as a target on Muslims or Jews.
"It does not apply only to members of religious communities," he said. "It does apply to each and every single Belgian citizen period, whatever his religious beliefs may be."
Is this a derogatory move or a victory for animals?

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