20 feared dead, Hundreds injured in Iraq protest

An injured protester been carried for treatment, photo credit: AP
Not less than 20 people has died in the anti-government protest in Iraq, with Hundreds more injured as government impose curfew in several cities, and also cut access to internet to quench the the civil protest.
Protest which was staged by unhappy youth over what seem as unemployment rate, corruption and poor services which many see analysist see as prevalent to a particular culture.
The protest began on Tuesday in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, has spread to other cities across the Shia muslim dominated south.  Authorities has imposed a 24hours curfew  in Baghdad on Thursday.
Protesters blocked the road in Baghad
It was meant to "protect general peace", and protesters from "infiltrators "  who committed attack against security forces and also public properties, government have said.
But several protesters defied the Order, whereby attempting to gather at Tahrir Square, an action which prompted security forces to use live rounds of bullet and tear gas to disperse the angry protesters.
One angry youth said " we slept here so the police don't take the place" before the police shot fire into the air. The protest is expected to continue today and maybe beyond.

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