DEATH; a friend, not an enemy

He relieves us of our burden,
though he comes all of a sudden;
For we springs forth with gift of life,
and to every gift there is a strife,
or in other ways,a reason to grieve,
for he existed right from Adam and Eve.

Throw me into a long Trance,
let me feel your lovely touch;
Do that when you got the chance,
so we can lie beneath life's couch.

If Adam will eat an apple,
following Eve's serpentry lead;
Why don't we take death as it sample,
and make it grace our heads like beads?

Spare us your stings,
for we will come with peace via ease;
never you try to sing,
for we have a song that can cease
all hearts than you could ever think.

Let's go the reserved path after life,
where we got no families,kids and wife;
Let's go to the home of the stinging bee,
that lovely land where our body will be.

Sickness is his only sign,
after which we forever resign
to what awaits us after the sleep,
leaving our household to forever weep.

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