Fish undergo 10-minutes Surgery

The Australian owners of a koi fish who underwent a 10-minute surgery last week to remove a potentially deadly tumor  was elated as their scaled friend happily swim with the other fish in his pond.

The fish, named “Bubbles,” is believed to be between 5 and 8 years old, and started growing a mass about six months ago, as reported.

Bubbles is pictured in the middle of his 10-minute procedure. (James Cook University)
Bubbles’ owner, Michael Dare, who is also the owner of ZenDen Acupuncture Clinic in Townsville, contacted James Cook University veterinarians, who told him that the tumor could be fatal for the fish if it wasn’t operated on.

Dr. Ingrid Danyiyk performed the surgery, and told reporters hat the tumor was likely caused by a virus. Bubbles was taken out of an anesthetic water bath and placed on a wet sponge on the surgical table, and she said the operation then went forth as it would on any other animal.

The procedure reportedly took 10 minutes and Bubbles was then placed back into fresh water.

The fish owner said, “We wanted to see the fish survive", adding that while the procedure cost around $300, it’s “survival is more important than cost.”

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