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The single most important factor to consider in the choice of who is bequeathed with power/authority is the character of the individual. A man's/woman's character defines how he/she uses power, authority, advantages, judges situations, dispenses grace or justice and how he/she leads.

In Nigeria , we have not often considered this all important factor when we vote and cede our individual sovereignty as humans to an individual in a democracy. If a man/woman remains intolerant of opposition, quick to resort to violence, does not value honesty, sincerity, the rule of law, empathy towards the led and all, such would only accentuate and elevate such characters to a higher level when gifted with power.

I keep saying that a democracy is not necessarily godly except through the average minimum standard of godliness accepted by the people. Godly democracies (if I may use that phrase) is dependent on the godliness of the people. Do you know that a valid democracy can be in place even amongst thieves?

In this generation, it becomes important for citizens to keep wielding the big stick of rejecting those who have been given an opportunity to lead and who seek a second term. We need to keep doing this until we can (through a constancy of electoral failures of incumbents) force those who seek to lead to be accountable to the people.

Power(as often used in Nigeria) is almost always abused by those who end up with it, simply because citizens fail to consider the antecedent of leaders before vesting them with huge authority.

Therefore, as we approach the 2020 elections in Ondo state, we must consider the character of the individuals (across political parties ) who seek to obtain our mandate to use our resources on our behalf.

A bad mannered person does not motivate his/her followers towards good manners. A proud leader gains more pride when  power is gifted to him/her.

Endorse, Consider and Choose Òmi Titún...

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