Was this the independence Late Remilekun Fani Kayode fought for?

Ever living Chief Remilekun Fani Kayode

" A fool at Ten, they say is a fool forever", what of 59? Guess can still be corrected. Going through memory lane, Nigeria sat and still sit on pot of gold, the political class amass wealth only for themselves and their yet unborn children.

" Train up a child in the way he should go" says the holy book, Nigeria was birthed decades upon decades ago, but got her true existence in 1960 through the major actor of Baba Chief Remilekun Fani Kayode of blessed memory and host of others.

The man Remilekun did all he could as a learned jurist and a renowned leader, he stood to fight the good fight of independence, believing in equity and share of the  dividends of democracy.

The 59th Year Journey

Nigeria has been so far ruled by leaders who love the country and such who wants her downfall, Forgetting our bias and ethnicity, the foundations of our Nation is shaking, the things that made us proud are long soiled in the mud of corruption.

Also remembering the only President Nigeria regret to have, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, who has the technical know how to reordering the state of our union, the likes of chief Nnamdi Azikwe who some quarters will have want to live forever owing to his wealth of experience.

FUTA student beaten by men of the Nigeria police force

Checking the conditions of the past

• Good governance
• Enriching the people and
• Uniting the nation

The Present facts

• Diversified existence
• Disregard for Human rights
• Corruption
• Insecurity
• High Poverty stricken level
• Hike in education cost.
• Increase in Number of beggars
• High crime rate
• Soiled and spoilt economy
• High religiosity, low Faithfulness.
And a lot more.

The National Interest

On this above mentioned note, we as a people should come together as one, have a less regard for people that steer us apart, Religious leaders first, sect members and the society.

This call his born out of making the labour of our fathers not go in vain, making the name Remilekun (stop my cry) be truly maintain, remembering how he died and never forgetting how he raised a son Femi Fani Kayode who still stand on the pact and path of his father. Though controversial, but its as a result of how the country is run.

What to do away with

Let us all do away with party affiliation and commitment to both political and sect group who  tears us apart. The commander of the Northern Nigeria islamist suicide killer should not be obey by those who is seen as followers, make a re-ordering of your though " he that say I should kill to get a lot of virgin, why not go first and I see the reward of his unseen virgins".

When chosen to kill both as herdsmen and as ISIS fighter, kindly ask why don't we love ourselves, further ask of the history of the land. Ask why the hatred of the north still lingers. Ensure to say ' its easy to hate but love is more powerful'.

Watch the independence speech video

The pleadings

I plead to all first as Nigerians, then as Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa that we should all shealth our sword, let's embrace our common name and our wealth, let's build this nation again.

I plead to the judiciary not to be circumvent under the Executives, Justice is the hope of all man not the common man as all human are human except the ones that are under the grave. Wish to ask the truth about the 2019 election. Nigeria unity is for all not for the promotion and cars you get.

I also plead to men of the Uniform to please detracts from rape of minors, to desist from unholy activities, to not continue killing men of like uniform in respective of their clan.

I respectfully plead to President Mohammed Buhari to ;

1. Obey the rule of law
2. Improve the economy
3. Face facts instead of shadows
4. Never to major on the minor, and vis- a- vis and
5. Believe in the youth

On this note, I wish to conclude my jots to say we will all eat the fruit of our labour, either we do good or bad.
Let us together reduce or exterminate the cry of the dead by embracing Nigeria.

Rest in Peace, Late Remilekun Fani Kayode,
God bless Nigeria
Happy Independence

Isaiah O. Aladesanwa


  1. cool speech, how i wish ordinary words can cuacha tye state of this Nation

  2. Its reaching, a trial is better to non. Our voices matter. Let us all play our part and one day we shall be regarded as people who love their country.

  3. Thanks for going through. Please do check for more.


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