Will My Northern Brother Accept?

As much as I am of the belief that " It is easy to hate, but love is more powerful" I like to put down this jot to ascertain if all really want the Good of Nigeria irrespective of political affiliation, religious colouration, ethnic and Tribe, Leadership allegiance and other other seen and unseen factors.

Going by the look of things, we can't continue in the forces that has segregated us to this clime. We are first born as a Nigerian before we became Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa. No one can live in isolation, with this submission can we observe these points:

Will my Northern brother accept;
• The unwritten Zoning of the Presidency.
• That RUGA is an undemocratic acts.
• That all zones should be represented duely in the National appointment, without a preference for a particular Zone.
• That Kwara state is a Yoruba land not for the North.
• That the Nigeria constitution and Court is above the Sharia Law
• That teens marriage is unholy and evil in its entirety.
• That the influx of Hausa into other zones is a mis-trust and at such political.
• That criticism is a democratic way of knowing the truth.

• That Boko-haram is a fight for all, and not a Northern issue.
• That Christian's too are Nigerians.
• That Herdsmen are really a threat to Nigerian farmers, and a means of discord.
• That Benue state is middle belt not North, and should not be turn as such.
• That politics is not a do or die affairs as they see it.
• That the islamic religion should not be attach to politics as Nigeria is a Union state not for a particular set of people.
• That paying allegiance to the Palestinian cause is against free and fair way of reasoning.

Will my Northern brothers accept that Education is the best legacy not recitation of Jihadist war songs?

These are in part questions that comes to mind when I believe in the Unity of Nigeria but some did not, or do in part not outrightly.

God bless Nigeria and my Northern brothers

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