On Sowore: Immorality in Nigeria

Late Mrs Salome Abuh,the women leader of the People's Democratic Party(PDP)burnt alive at Ochadamu, Kogi state on 18th Nobember,2019.

It is with an heavy heart that I pour my heart to this spacious ground, for the situation of the country is like a bile that has made our tongue a dare betrayal of taste. Moving through memory lane; Government is to be the pedestal or axis from which the affairs of the state revolves in such a manner that it will be easily expressed and achieved for the collective good of her people, but in the case of Africa, Nigeria to be precise; Government is the bane to National Development. The country is in a slow pace to the extent that a molehill is like a mountain before the self  acclaimed Giant of Africa. There are lots of things that ought to be discussed, but the central focus is on 'Immorality in Nigeria'.

Questions that may arises from this short, but broad subject matter are numerous. But first and foremost, 'what do we mean by immorality? to what extent can something be immoral? how do we know something is immoral? if there is, how can immorality be measured? what are the criteria for such measurement?;

Secondly, 'what leads to an immoral act? can immorality be justify to some extent?when morality fails in a particular situation, but immorality saves one, should immorality be reprimand on the note that it's not  moral? This questions are endless, and on this note it will be pertinent to give the definition of Immorality, though under the guise of the term immoral? Immorality simply means a state or quality of being immoral or vice; theretofore the term 'immoral' means, "an act that is inconsistent with rectitude, purity, and contrary to conscience or Divine law". 

Watch Video of Sowore been strangled in Court room;

This opposes a moral act which relates to the principle of right and wrong in behaviour. As we have successfully define the necessary terms, our  journey is half complete. Bringing the context of immorality and morality to our Nation, to check if our country is immoral or moral, in other words right or wrong. In this aspect, we will consider Kogi Election and the incessant/continual hostage of Omoyele Sowere, the Editor-in-chief of Sahara reporter who has been held hostage by the Department of State Service (DSS).
On 16th November, 2019, Kogites Decided on who will assume the mantle of leadership (Lugard House); though the election was faulted with gross misconduct and irregularities which claimed lives, yet the incumbent Governor, Yahya Bello was declared the winner on 18th November, 2019.

Yahaya Bello was first elected as Kogi state Governor in 2015, after he was chosen on APC platform as a replacement for the Late prince Abubakar Audu who originally won the election but died before the result was declared. The election was full of violence; ballots were snatched, people were intimidated by hoodlums to vote against the candidate of their choice, those who proves stubborn to them were manhandled and battered.

The inhumane part was the unwholesome and cruel murdering of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) women leader, in person of Mrs Salome Abuh, who was burnt alive at Ochadamu there in Kogi state on 18th Nobember, 2019.

On Sowore
The next in line is that of the actor of the much publicised #revolution now# in person of Omoyele Sowore, the Editor-in-chief of Sahara reporters, and the Candidate of the  African Action Congress (AAC) who has been unconstitutionally detained by the Department of State Service (DSS) in respect to staging the 'Revolution Now campaign'. The former marched with some members of the Lagos State chapter of his African Action Congress (AAC) in Lagos on Monday, July 15,2019 to start preparing Nigerians for what is to happen.

While speaking at the protest rally, he accused the current Federal government ably lead by His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari of incompetence and lacking a vision to lead Nigeria. Sowore also warned a faction of the AAC that suspended him as party Chairman in May that the party founded last year cannot be hijacked.

He said,"This is just a rehearsal of what is going to visit Nigeria in the next few weeks, months that we 'll cause revolution in this country.

"Nigerian people are tired of the negligence, incompetence and wickedness in government".

"We came out here as members of the African Action Congress; first, to warn the people who are trying to hijack our party that our party is not hijackable, but most importantly to start preparing Nigerians for what is to happen.

"We want this country to experience a revolution and we hope that everybody that is watching and listening to us all over Nigeria will be getting ready.

"These people have no plans for us. They have no agenda or vision for this country. As a result,we are going to take our destiny in our hands".

"So, we came here today to give you a small bit of what will be happening as we align with our colleagues, other revolutionaries both in Nigeria and outside of Nigeria." 

Sowore was arrested by men of the DSS on 3rd August, 2019, because of his planned protest. On 24th September, 2019, Sowore was granted bail by the Federal High Court Abuja, on the condition that he surrender his international passport within forty-eight hours, but the DSS has refused to release Sowore claiming ignorance of the court order; hence kept him hostage against the court order, and later said, 'no one has come to claim him'. The charge against him was that he called for a revolution so as to overthrow a Democratically Elected Government. Nigerian government described Sowore’s call for revolution as an “armed revolution” which is “not normal amongst ‘human rights activists." He was discharged, but was later within 24 hours rearrested.

On this note, I will like to sum up this piece by saying, 'the rate of immorality is on the increase in the country, it is not tenable, but obnoxious, because the Government has thrown her citizens into quagmire like gnats, to be suffocated by the quicksand as against Political ingenuity, but slackness and carefree on whose terrain the foundation of the country has been mounted'.

Elections has turned to a do or die affair, and the rule of law are to be disregarded. In a saner clime going against consensual agreement is consequential, but the Government is now the law maker, the Constitution of the country and a sole decider of what is right or wrong.

Not until we stay true to the National pledge, we will all wander like sheep.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
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