Reasons why Comr. Aliyu Usman A.M.D should be elected as Nakatss President

1. Comr. Aliyu will introduce due process, openness, transparency and accountability in the conduct of the association business.

2. Comr. Aliyu will strenghten cord of relationship between student both in Nigeria and diaspora.

3. Comr. Aliyu will adhere to strict observance of Public Service rules and regulations.

4. Comr. Aliyu will engage students with the desire to set up small scale businesses.

5. Comr. Aliyu will maintain zero tolerance for crime and criminality.

6. Comr. Aliyu will offer equal opportunities, including affirmative action for persons with disabilities.

7. Comr. Aliyu will be gender positive.

8. Comr. Aliyu will partner with State and  local governments to upgrade existing relationship that will foster good result.

9. Comr. Aliyu will massively retrain, reorient and motivate student especially in the areas of Science and Technology.

Insha Allah it will be possible.
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