The Truth about what happen in NANS zone D election, Lagos state

Image showing injured Futasu President, Father AB who was shot by suspected hoodlums


Office of the Chairman,


"When the purpose of a thing is not known then abuse is inevitable"

Solidarity greetings to you from the apex students representative body/movement in Ondo state.

For reasons best known to me as the pilot of this noble association,I took my time to observe,reflect on the recent happening and I see the need for me to address Nigerian students and the general public.

It is with a saddened heart I give detailed information on the attack of one of my Senators FUTASU President Com Abraham(Father AB).
As the JCC Chairman, it is my responsibility to ensure the safety of all my Senators,students,stakeholders and executives and as such I have it as responsibility to feed you back facts of what happened.

As I proceed,permit me to use this medium to tell us that I take full responsibility of all that happened to Team Ondo in Lagos state and I'll ensure that justice prevails.

Image showing bullets location on  the body 

I,Com Akinteye Babatunde(Bab) NANS JCC CHAIRMAN ONDO AXIS  led Team Ondo(students,stakeholders,senators,and executives)out of the state to Lagos state on Friday night and we got Lagos midnight in preparation for Zone D convention and all was peaceful till we got to the convention ground on Saturday.

Saturday I must say is a day i witnessed one of the most frustrating,depressing and confused moment of my life as the intrusion of SA on Student and Youth matters Hon Banji is suicidal.

SA Hon Banji is nothing but a threat to student unionism because of his acts.SA on this day misplaced his priority by intruding into NANS ZONE D election.

He began to preach a candidate over the order.

He had meeting with me Some Ondo senators and chairman where he mandated them to vote for a particular candidate.

He went as far as slapping a senator which is nothing but harassment and intimidation which Nigerian students frown at.

When we got to convention ground and it was time for Team Ondo, Comr. Blackey and SA were present at the spot.

I led my Senators and students that went with us,the issue started when AAUA was to be accredited , I nominated a representative wish Comr Blackey went against when the argument was on I nominated my self to represent AAUA, he went against it again, at this point to make peace I withdrew my senators and we told the officials we will be right back, after lots of appeal with the senators we decided on who to represent AAUA and ile OLUJI, which the two cordinator aspirants agreed to and the Secretary aspirant was absent.

For the second time we step forward to be accredited, and the same Scenario occur as comr Blackey insisted that no one will represent AAUA.

Sampraise the authentic senator of AAUA was not around and we needed someone to stand for him.

At this point all the Senators are annoyed and this lead to argument between them and Blackey.

Father AB then told Com Blackey that "he has no right to be on convention ground as it has nothing to do with politics and allow the senators decide who represent AAUA."

As the argument was getting stronger and confrontational, some set of sponsored hoodlums by SA were sent to attack Father AB which they did.

Father AB in the process of dragging with them to escape forcefully  collected dagger from one of those hoodlums wish he used to defend him self to escape as his Security man who followed him from school has been injured by these hoodlums.

He managed to run from them but sadly they went after him and shot him.

Thankful to God who saved a dear comrade.

It was at this point I see the convention ground is not safe for me and my senators and we decided not to continue the convention wish we withdraw from. In solidarity Team Ogun and Team Osun also withdraw from the convention .

This act of the SA is inhumane.

To worsen it, after Father AB had been rushed to the hospital the SA having heard he was shot, did not dim it fit to ask after him or know his health status but he went directly to see one of those hoodlums that attacked him and also snapped with the guy.

This is a man that want a Nigerian student dead.

It is on this note we passed vote of No confidence on  the  SA and from now henceforth HE should stay off all campuses in Ondo State but if he try otherwise students will not hesitate to decend on him.

This remain our stand until the emergency senate meeting of all senators in Ondo
State will be held on Wednesday, where further actions against this injustice will be decided .

I appeal to all Nigerian students to please be Good ambassadors of peace and wait for further directives before any actions will be taking.

We also warned all external forces not to in anyway politicize this issues as we are going to fight this to the end.

Viva Aluta!

Yours in struggle

Com Akinteye Babatunde Afeez(Bab T)
Chairman NANS JCC Ondo Axis*
Comr, Adesoji Adewale (Omooba)
Public relations officer

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