US defends recent strikes in Iraq and Syria

US Secretary of State, Mike Pomeo

•The United State has defended her recent attacks in Iraq.
• Also spoke with other middle east leaders of her attack in Iraq

The United State has defended her recent attacks in Iraq and Syria in response to Iran growing influence in the middle east. The statement credited to its department of state headed by Mike Pompeo, took to his Twitter handle in justifying the attack.

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He said the attack was aimed at deterring Iran and protecting American lives.

"Today I spoke with @UN Secretary-General @antonioguterres following the U.S. response to recent attacks in #Iraq. I made clear that our defensive action was aimed at deterring #Iran and protecting American lives."

The United State attack Iran whilst her citizen was killed by a rocket attack by Iran backed militias in Iraq, and as the custom of the US to always protect its citizens and her interest respond to the attack which saw 25persons killed and 55 injured, according to available data.

Can Iran win a face off with the US?

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