Photo: Comr. Atsuwete Toristeju O. Vice President South west, Niger Delta Student Union Government 

Press Release!!!

Thoughts and Dreams they say are the foundation of the world. It is indeed a trying time for our nation; Nigeria and the world at large. 

One nation bound in freedom... this we always say as national prayer and we remain dedicated and resolute in fighting for not only our nation but our lives.

Indeed it is a trying time, as stakeholders and partners of progress who have continually played a major role in the education sector, and in Student Unionism, I wish to reaffirm to all Nigerian Students from the Niger Delta Region and beyond that we will win this battle.

Therefore I want to advice that Student's maintain a high level of compliance and adhere strictly to medical and Administrative guidelines, which includes:

• Maintaining Social distance
• Maintain a high level of personal hygiene,    while we abide the habit of constant hand    washing applying hand sanitizers.
• Obey the sit at home order and avoid            movements in Areas where the federal          Government have as a matter of necessity    shut down (Lagos, Abuja and Ogun by            extension).

In view of this, I sincerely want to appreciate private and public donors who have been supporting the walk against the virus financially.

This is not to say, that i do not have my person grievance against past and present Government.

Firstly, I am solely disappointed at the late hour decision to close down our Airspace and land borders to foreigners whom are likely carriers of this virus, not to bring such into the nation. This late resolution as many believe is a selfish act, as they awaited their love ones to come in, before closing down. This observation is arguably correct.
Photo: Update of the Corona virus cases

Furthermore, our leaders in all levels have failed to equip our health and Research sector. This poor attitude of theirs, is obviously seen at the poor level of infrastructure in the nation. We have failed as a nation to equip our educational research scheme and likewise our health sector. Now the biggest questions are knocking.

More so, I am most disappointed at the way Nigerians have inflected pains on each other, by hiking cost of items in the market, this is so inhuman and demonic, in doing such we then become the Architect of our problems.

I therefore want to say that the Federal government should as a matter of importance restructure its interventions packages to help reduce the hardship this lock down will/may cause.

Going forward, I commend the selfless service our health workers are providing and I wish the best happens, as we continually seek solutions to this virus

God Bless Nigeria

Comr Atsuwete Oluwasegun Toristeju
Aka Tj right
Vice President, South west NIDSUG

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