Africa, Bill Gate, and Covid 19 Vaccine

Why has Africa become the dumping site for all sort of World inventories from America, China (lately), rich class, and major manufacturing state and companies, a friend ask? Are you surprised at that, maybe you shouldn't, come on, the facts are not far fetched, i replied. Have you noticed that Africa is so to say the most undeveloped amongst continents on planet earth?

Yea, but nevertheless it shouldn't be to exploit her in such a way it rips the black nation of its wealth, economical power and competition with other continent. What you saying, please choose your words I retorted, what's wrong with you, are you a sort of a Messiah, I paused to ask, why are you of this thoughts Hey? I am scared of the enforcement our resource minded rulers will implement to make sure we get the vaccine. Ohhh now I get you, I don't know why we choose to have a walk together  in this period of social distancing and the word 'to your Tent oh ISREAL'.

Well this environment is not prone to the Chinese Virus, stop there don't call it that way, its called Covid 19 or better used Coronavirus...Ohh, forgive my use of words, but I heard the President of the United State called it at that, and I think since it emerges from there nothing stops me from calling it that way, okay do you prefer using Wuhan virus? Mohammed was sore vexed.

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It seems to me the pandemic is a Bio war between two giant's, and Africa had to have a bite of it since it's always a puppet to the advance world, seeking help, funds and material things just to survive, even at the detriment of the loss the union with imperialist brings, amazed at such thoughtful words. But it ain't her fault, the continent is so blessed with great resources more to what the Colonialist had, but her greed, and selfish interest  brought her to her kneels, but I can assure you a new breed is emerging fast on the African soil, soon it will boom and shine bright like the noon sun, I advice.

How is your girlfriend Theresa, I think she is fine, 'think' I asked, Yea you know the Pandemic has a bit reduce our communication, but do you think you guys can end up together under a roof, since she is a Christian and a clergy man daughter? We waited a bit, as he place his hand across me, with a deep sigh, he said I am touched about how we fell in love, I just love her, forgetting the religion affiliation at first, but I can't just stand it to what the future holds, as a Muslim my parent will want me have a person of same religious inclination. Uhhhm, what a love story to watch, Patting him I said, touch your heart and say all is well, all is well just like the film 3-idiots. He gazed into my eyes with a relief and did as advised.

How about you,  have you guys settled your differences, Jumps in to respond quickly, Ohh, you see, I have a dream to pursue, I have a goal and no woman, I repeat no woman, (becoming emotional as I respond to Mohammed) can kill my dream of venturing into politics just because of what her mentor feels his best for her, never will I accept that I drop my vision for a population of over 150 million people to a person whom am not still sure may end up becoming the mother of my children, Hey relax, you are going overboard says Mohammed. Why did i even ask about your love affairs at first,  Let's just forget relationship matters for now, can we find our feets back to where we are coming from... Yea, it not a problem,  A bit relaxed I become.

Photo: Bill Gates, One time richest man in the World, Microsoft tech owner and philanthropist

You see, I will like to explain something's to you today which has changed my thinking for a long while, both on a religious grounds and a normal perspective. As you know am a Christian and conservative at such, the Bible refer to men in Romans 1:29;

"Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,"

It continue in the next verse quoting;

 "Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,"

 Underline and put at heart the portion 'inventors of evil things' now have you come to think of it, if an ancient book refer to man as such why think of the process of implementation of such inventory? A virus created by men, its same that knows the cure. Know this today, the reason the rich get richer and the poor get poorer is just their way of thinking. The Rich understood that when you create a problem, you definitely want to get the solution, therefore the race becomes survival of the fittest, and the winner takes it all. He nod while we sat to look over the flowing water with its cool and lovely environment.

As per Bill Gates proposing a death Hill for Africa, one should wonder why a Microsoft tech owner venture into health! Wise up something is fishy, I unknowingly tapped Mohammed, Health sector is the emerging champ in the 21st century economic realities, all men want to live long, be part of the system, watch the evolving of things, don't you I asked, Definitely he responded.

But should a billionaire like Gate be this wicked to have forsee a death hall, he asked...? Smiles, Bill Gate is a good man like every other person but you know what "every man is good, but the devil in us make us bad" I quoted. Brother, the rich wants more money, so do the poor, but the means of getting such lies in the power of our thought. Bill Gates has chose Africa to be his next line of making good riches.

The best you can do to avert this evil that becloud Africa is to start doing something, but in doing something do it with wisdom, don't end up like Fidel Castro, though died a great man to some, died a failed man to others. Until the day of Judgement, if there would be, that all men will give account to his deed, but then, the evil has been committed, the implications heavy to recounts.

On a sincere note on this, I do not see how this will be averted, we have to take it as it comes. Nothing is new under the heavens.

Africa my Africa...Where art thou among the  great...

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