"NEVER GIVE UP"... CEO Ewaola collections shares her story

Miss Kehinde, CEO Ewaola collections

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said "always do what you are afraid to do", this is a typical line of thought one can share into the story of the rising of a young lady, who rose to become the CEO of Ewaola collections, this is an inspiration to everyone of the act and art of not giving up.

Can we meet you Ma,
Well, my name is Miss Kehinde, the CEO Ewaola collections, Ondo state born, studied Business administration and management at the prestigious Ondo state Polytechnic, Owo.

What do you do at Ewaola collections?
At Ewaola collections, we do with selling of female wears; bags, shoes, top, elegant materials, we also deals with selling of artificial nails, eye lashes and other female's apparel and clothing's.

We are moved by the way you handled your business, and also your customers growth, can you share with us how all this came about?
Oh, that's gonna be a long story though, but I will try make it very short. About this time 2years ago, I started my online store with just 30 viewers, I’m a person with a little bit of pride, I don’t really relate with people, i had to start relating just because I need them to view my status and patronize me, I started the business with Twelve thousand Naira #12,000, bought Four (4) mini bags. I thought it was so easy seeing my other friends selling cloths and having many orders, I sold two out of the bags after two days, I was so happy like, wow! this is working out, after a while that I didn’t see buyer I used one, after two month I use the remaining one.

I felt down like this won’t work out like it seems, i started screenshoting pictures and uploading, out of 30 viewers two people would ask how much, none will buy, I continue uploading pictures but this thing doesn’t really work out, and at a point my Phone Infinix hot 5 got spoilt then I had to give up on business.

Photo: interiors of Ewaola collections store

This is so hard more than it seems, but something in me keep pushing it, again i started interacting more with people, get contacts, and also mingle with my departmental mates. Out of the money I saved, I bought iPhone 6s plus, I started uploading again, by this time I already had like 150 views, funny of this is that in a week I might not have more than 2 orders with a gain of One thousand naira, out of the money I will pay for delivery at the rate of Five hundred Naira #500. At this level, I wanted to give up, I stopped uploading pictures, stopped doing business, but kept answering the name Ewaola oni bag (Ewaola the bag seller).

If there is one thing that still inspired me was, seeing my friends doing better, then I decided to start again without giving up; this was a turning point for me, with a renewed strength. I repeated my first marketing strategy, only to put in more professional handling, I approach people while am well dressed. Being a student environment, many will ignore you if you don’t look good or carry good example of what you’re selling, my brother I suffered, paid for publicity, advert and the likes, whenever I see any group of girls I would quickly run down to them to tell them what I do, I did this for almost two months.

While I continue uploading again, this time my orders were increasing to like 5 in a week, I would have to convince the new customers and make sure they see a reason to buy from me and make payment, though sometimes I had to lie saying I sold the type of bag last week, out of 5 bags two of it might be rejected on the account of; this is not what they want, making excuses just as an everyday market experience, saying words like the hand is short, and is not even thick enough, it is not big like the one in the picture and host of other excuses, I will be forced to refund the money, the products thereby becomes mine, or if luckily I see another buyer.

She exhale (Uhmm), at times i would cry, and ask God when will my business start booming like my friends, this time I’m far from giving up and I’m not even near making it, i just hope on God and started saving money, I didn’t give up, I kept pushing, I celebrated a year of having a brand name, my friends reposted it on their social media platform's, though they were happy for me same as I, but I couldn’t tell them what I was going through in the business, I couldn’t inform them i don’t make a good profits, but the joy was so overwhelming because I didn’t give up even with such experience.

As usual, celebration comes and go, my friends start referring people to me, lo and behold, I hit the jack pot, my sales was increasing after a year of not giving up, my business start moving. By this singular moments, I was encouraged to do better by opening a store, to cut the long story short... if I didn’t upload pictures on my handle's I still make sales. It was such a beautiful but a challenging experience, a scary one at such.

What's your advice to teeming youth's like you, who are on the verge of giving up?
My advice is simple, if you’re planning to give up on your business please don’t, don’t just attempt it please, you’re not different from people who are making better sales, God is never asleep to turn your page and boom, the story will change  for good.

What is your joy today after all this?

I smiled at last, I feel encouraged, blessed and will continue to trust the process, my aim is to be the best.

Editorial Note: At every point of life's journey, there will be hard times and challenging period, but in all a consistent mind and hardworking hand will attain the desire goal. Never give up, keep pushing, you never know how close you are to success.

Like the CEO, Ewaola collections be determined to succeed, let your resolve to succeed be higher than your gaze of failure.

You can reach Ewaola collections @
Gmail: morposhkenny@gmail.com
Phone: +234 906 912 5313

We deliver at your doorstep.

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