Press Release: Containing the spread of Covid-19

Photo: Comr. Atsuwete Oluwasegun Toristeju VP west Niger Delta Student Union Government, NIDSUG

Press release!

Sequel to my previous press release on the Covid 19 pandemic Titled “ Together we can Conquer this Modern day Evil “

I write again with a deep sense of concern and fear for the unknown. It is true that there is more that meets the eyes.

I have seen from the last few days how not only our Government have shown how purposeless and unplanned they can be, but how much Nigerians and Africans by extension have been taking this issues.

We need not to be told the evil and death this virus has caused the big nations of the world. Countries with the best Health and Infrastructure facilities. We have seen developed nations like America, Italy, And others cry to the heavens for help because their own strength is failing.

This brings to mind that Africa and Nigeria that cannot boast of any good infrastructure and Health facilities should be careful and warned to thread carefully about the issue.

From the last time I made my first press statement about this deadly virus till date, we have had an increasingly number of Corona Virus patients. It is no longer news that the mode of transmission now is community transmission. That means we have a keg of gun powder in one hand and fire in another. I am particularly scared that if we don’t take care, we may just be walking into our own graves. It is better we begin to understand that the negligence of one could lead to the death of many. The choice we make may be the difference between life and death for others.

I therefore want to advice the government to be more strict on enforcing this lockdown, as this is the cheapest way to go. It may be hard but cheaper. Going forward the government should now seek for better ways to reach out to the poor and vulnerable. Failure to reach out may lead to revolt and crisis. Also failure to keep the states indoors and lockdown may lead to deaths through the spread of this virus

I am therefore calling on all Nigerians to at this time apply wisdom. It is not time to show aggression and disobey Government policies as this May just be our saving grace. We do not have the faculties to handle this issue when it gets out of hand

I say to you all, Be safe and maintain self distancing.

Comr. Atsuwete Oluwasegun Toristeju

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