United State set to implement 5G Network

"The U.S. is implementing #5G CLEAN PATH provision of 2019 NDAA. Untrusted vendors like Huawei and ZTE will have no access to @StateDept systems. We’ll follow the letter of law to ensure a clean path for 5G traffic entering our facilities & keep our data safe on the cyber border."

The above statement was credited to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo written on his Twitter handle. You will recall that the 5G network has been stigmatized of aiding the virus which emanated from Wuhan, China which has brought the world to a standstill.

US Secretary of States, Mike Pompeo

But, a thing of concern in the above statement is the fight or clear warning placed therein, warning China state owned tech company of staying clear of the 5G path. You will also recall that Huawei is currently being dealt with by the United State, first by arresting her CEO and second to that is lobbying Britain by not allowing China Huawei install the 5G network.

Another caption is bringing in ZTE, it's clear that the journey of the third world just begins.

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