US President Appreciate Russia and Saudi Arabia

Photo: President of the United State, Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump appreciate the efforts of the duo of Russian federation and Saudi Arabia for regulating world crude markets.

Due to the Covid 19 virus, oil sales has drop on a large scale, regulating the industry will help bring the markets stronger, which form the basis of the negotiations.

Trump took to his Twitter handle to express is gratitude thus writing "Having been involved in the negotiations, to put it mildly, the number that OPEC+ is looking to cut is 20 Million Barrels a day, not the 10 Million that is generally being reported."

Trump who has been battling with what he called "Fake news" has always been mid quoted when expressing his concerns as regards any matter. He never back down by pointing out the fake ones in the News media outlets, according to him 'CNN and WSJ' made the list.

Donald Trump further said "If anything near this happens, and the World gets back to business from the Covid 19 disaster, the Energy Industry will be strong again, far faster than currently anticipated. Thank you to all of those who worked with me on getting this very big business back on track, in particular Russia and Saudi Arabia."

Trump who is seeking re-election by November want major breakthrough in the way he make deals, but as always he is always winning with his America first policy.

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