"The secret in education lies in respecting the student." Ralph Waldo Emerson 

As we try to define the concept of hell, we saw that hell is not above the sky, neither underground, but it's clearly seen that men choose hell to be on earth. This ascertion can be proven correctly as we look into colonialism in Africa. Once upon a time was an Africa whose wits were second to none being the cradle of civilization, but as time went by the presumed Pro Higher animal judge those wit's in their concept of thinking; the birthing of Colonialism.

Christianity been popularly seen, though not true: as a religion which brings peace, or one which help brings the heathen back to God. The question stands to be who is the heathen in the African - Christianity concept? Should the heathen be one who believes in his God's not god's this time, is the heathen the man who see life in bowing to a carved image, is the heathen also the man who is against the culture of gay, homosexual, bisexuality, and corruption?

Leopold II King of Belgium

It is best to note that the Two hundred years of British rule in India left over 80 per cent of the people illiterate, a number repeated in  Asia and Africa combined. British ruled Nigeria, West Africa for Seventy five years and left one fever hospital for 30 million Nigerians, a ratio of doctors to inhabitants of 1 : 60,000, and only half the children of one province surviving beyond their fifth year.Cruelty? No, not yet.

Colonialism for the colonialists meant bringing the benefits of their civilization and technology, as well as of their liberty, justice, law and order to people whose societies were thought to lack these qualities. It will be great to note that countries which has no colonialists presence hardly have a good economic increase, better to note that they have their freedom and the sanctity of life preserved.

Leopold II king of Belgium who reign 44years was the Architect of the evil perpetrated in Congo, the evil, if not for anything, but for the singular action of cutting the hands of offenders who do not meet the level of production of rubber, the killing of over 15 million citizen's based on not meeting standard of production of same. By this singular act, Leopold killed more than Adolf Hitler of the Nazi Germany. As we may like to maintain the idea of God, it's pertinent to recall that the King Leopold II was a Roman Catholic member, which becomes the prevalent church in today's great state of Congo.

Leopold II did this act's unquestioned, he was a free man after killing men of the black race, when asked to give independence to the state, the same state was sold, but the American proverb say's "All men are created equal" we may have to  question this believe through the African proverb which seem superior and true; "All birds are equal, save the one who mount on the heaps" explaining thus, all men are truly created equal, but the superiors are one's who has more advancement in technology, military capacity, more endowment even if gotten by illicit means (writers context).

Though Christianity is the major religion in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. approximately 45 percent of the population is Roman Catholic, 40 percent Protestant (including evangelicals), 5 percent Church of Jesus Christ on Earth through the Prophet Simon Kimbangu (Kimbanguist), and 5 percent Muslim. (Wikipedia), but it's a joy to note that the people triumph, they have an independent state.

When a king rule's, he leaves the throne to a legitimate son, Leopold only Son died in a pond at the age of 9 which caused the breaking of the knot he tied with his wife. This might be a victory in disguise for the Congolese, had it been, this might not be the story. As much as we recall the black days of the Congolese, so we remind them of their resilience, doggedness and the African concept of thinking.

Though colonialism still stand today on the African soil, but we see a breed of the will to gradually forge ahead, an Africa come back, an Africa first agenda, a beauty for the black race.

Colonialist religion as not in anyway help the African people, though it brings morals, but gave the much pain, ranging from exploitation of natural resources, clergy men stand to be ahead of politicians by exploiting the poor, the concept of money being regard as the root of all evil which have a backward effect on the people, resulting to deadlier means to survive, been seen as inferior to the colonialist both in actions and thinking, and more importantly, the Africans see the nature of the Christian God as to the colour of the colonialist not as a black man. But based on the biblical fact "God created men in his own image" why the White coloured God being seen in dreams?

God bless Africa...Africa First!

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