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Dr Akinwunmi Adesina, President Africa Development Bank

Recall on the 25th May, 2020, the US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin call for an 'high professional investigation' of the African development Bank, headed by Akinwunmi Adesina. In Mnuchin statement, he relied on the account of whistle blowers from Abidjan, thereby neglecting the outcome of the independent investigation done by other parties.

It's also good to note that Mnuchin did not only neglect the exoneration of the Bank President from all charges, but also call for a different investigation, and thereto give an unnecessary runnings owing that the banks meeting is just a three months away, where the President will be return for another term of 5years in office.

The Facts and Antecedents
For the records, the embattled President of Africa development Bank Akinwunmi Adesina was just a man who thread public office with sanctity of life and of purpose. Adesina stands for the Africa child, the African race and the African continent.

As opined by Nigeria former President Olusegun Obasanjo, in his letter to some selected African President, he wrote some of the antecedents of AfDB's Adesina as but not limited to;
• Dr Adesina helped raise the capital of the Bank from $93Billion to $208Billion. Which is an all time increase since the creation of the bank in 1964.

• Under his watch, AfDB secured $38.7Billion investment interest at the inaugural launch of Africa investment Forum (AIF), Johannesburg, South Africa. Further secured $40.1Billion of investment interest,Africa has never seen these kinds of financial interest.

• The bank is globally  ranked 4th in terms of global transparency.

• Dr Adesina put to heart women, and the girl child by mobilizing $3Billion for women business and entrepreneur in Africa.

• The 2063 agenda of the African Bank was accelerated under his watch, in which all are having a good result.

It might interest you to note the following:-
• 18million people were provided with access to electricity through the "Light up and power Africa".

• 141million people gained access to improved agricultural technology for food security.

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• Through the "Industrialize Africa" agenda, 13million people benefited from access to finance from private sector.

• The "Integrate Africa" saw 101million people have access to better transport.

• 60million people have access to improved hygienic water under Dr Adesina.

• Also note under his watch, the bank has helped and impacted a sum up total number of 333million Africans.

The most recent and fresh of it is the fight against the Chinese Virus (COVID- 19) in Africa, by supporting with a tremendous sum of $10Billion, and in addition launched a $3Billion"Fight COVID-19" social impact bond. A bond classified as the largest US Dollar denominated bond ever in the world history. This and many more was his impact with the good working of members of the Africa Bank. Indeed we are good together as Black's.

Our submission
According to Adesina, "Africa’s light will always shine. We will continue the race to develop our continent with pride and dignity. We will stay the course and finish the race.", we equally agree with him that no one can develop Africa except African's.

• We see this call for investigation as another affront to cripple the rising Africa economy and the Africa comeback agenda.

• We see this as a modern day imperialism and colonialism in disguise, and even if Africa is going to be colonize again (which can never happen) it can't be from a singular person of the like of Steven Mnuchin.

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• We in strong term remind the 57 year old Mnuchin of the end of Imperialists, the account of Leopold II King of Belgium is still fresh in the African child memory.

• Adesina never pose a threat to the US economy nor the world's, but he his strongly developing the future of his unforseen generation, can this also be an offence, we dare to ask?

• We equally like to say, Africa being a continent like all others, is not subjected to an outside source scrutiny, or more of international investigation. Who investigate or checkmate the US, if none why should a human in his real sense thinks his decisions can overrule 54 nation state?

• Will put it straight that things like this can only happen with Hong Kong-China relationship, not Africa. No singular head of state in Africa his a tyrant, why is Mnuchin trying to metamorphose himself into one over Africa?

• Mnuchin should face the well doing, positive Trump Administration rather than delving into what does not concern him in the whole sense.

• We submit that highest Mnuchin can do is to withdraw the US 6.5% funds put into the Bank, as always Africa will rise cause of the God given strength. We will not beg to eat, even if we are to beg we will beg the African God.

Steven Mnuchin, US Secretary of the Treasury

As much as we appreciate the Africa-America bilateral relationship, we equally remind that any Union not favourable can be divorced. We are not afraid of this, as our strength lies in unity. Africa is united and we are ready to face whatever that confronts us.

We therefore call on President Donald Trump to call Steven Mnuchin to order, to steer clear of Africa development Bank and opt out of his "high Professional investigation" into the great Dr Adesina Presidential affairs, which we  believe in August will be return to spend more 5years.

As Trump, we too do have the "Africa First" agenda, and so be it.

The Nigeria Phoenix Club therefore passed a Vote of Confidence on Dr Akinwunmi Adesina and seek for his reelection.

God bless Africa,
God bless Nigeria.

Isaiah O. Aladesanwa
President, Nigeria Phoenix Club

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