Throughout my passage in the heart of time, I have tried to convince myself right from the cradle that 'Africa' woes was only a result of years of forced slavery by the colonialists, but when reality dawn on me, I realize that the greatest war we have to fight is the one against ourselves.

In Africa's formative years, I have read of leaders who were power drunk to the extent of abusing their own people. Nigeria being the Self-acclaimed giant of Africa; a giant that can't raise up a tuber, being  a case study; Nigeria has been hit by a lot of crisis, but her loose heart is too weak to feel, her stiffed necks can't find a new pace, her eyes is sick and too myopic to see the handwriting on the wall, everything about her is odd.

The line she always chorus as a reason for her woes is 'colonialism'... I accept the fact that colonialism did far more evil to us than good, but worth it not to always chorus that as the reason for our backwardness. Are the colonialists responsible for the Nigeria civil war (1967 - 1970),  are they also responsible for the election crisis we have witnessed so far? are they responsible for our creeping Economy or the setbacks that have affected our exports and imports?

For as much as i am not in support of radicalism through high-handedness of any group for whatsoever reasons, yet, it's expedient to note that there is strength in unity, but at the point when such togetherness or oneness breeds animosity, it becomes a necessity to find peace in division. 

The first and foremost humble suggestion which can be of help is for us to learn to voice out, and this can only be achieved if we ourselves know the political strategy that is used in steering the nation's affairs. It is high-time we start 'knowing', and this can be achieved by criticizing ourselves by ourselves. Criticism isn't evil, but a lens through which a Government can view and get to know the thoughts of the masses; speaking out one's mind is one of the tenets of democracy. 

The case in Africa is different, like Idi amin "freedom of speech I can assure you, freedom after speech I can't assure you. Needful to say, from the rear edge of life, there is a pledge of knowing the end from the propositions of the beginning; this is certain, if the consciousness therein employed is not baked with the flour of incorrigible flaws, and flows alongside laws that depict the goals that is to be achieved.

For this is sure to render the end of verisimilitude, but in the real sense a mirage only conceived and received by the weak lens of one's myopic decisions to exploit opportunity with vile intent, hence got oneself sabotaged in the shortest space of time. 

The beauty in any work of criticism is not just to criticize, but to give suggestions on how best the work one has criticized can be perfectly achieved. A criticism that ends without giving way out is a layout that is as good as nothing. 

The Choice
A ban or control on the rates of political swervism in Nigeria's (Africa's) politics will go a long way to make things right, because the rate of swervism in the polity is a deviation, and a bane to the ideal purpose of governance, this reduces the altitude at which governmental artifacts are delivered and this misconduct demean the pace at which a vibrant precedent to leadership can be achieved.

What is your reason for being a critic, can you win more criticizing than do more making a practical change? Change your options, Africa, Nigeria can be great again only by 'us'. Africa First!

These are the thought of a Mardist!

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