Life from the cradle till death is a cord of unbroken risks, and to achieve one's missions and visions, one must entreat each age as a new page to write new success stories. The beginning and the end are never the same, but success can only be measured by only the measures we put to places through time and season as they pass-by our ears. Looking forward to clocking 26 is a new challenge which Semzy is determined not to shy away from, for as long as he his right, he will always be in God's light even at night. The birth of a new age is like shooting him into a new range of unrelenting efforts to make changes in our socio-economic, as well as political life; an ideal life for all is what humanity should try to ensure and rigidly assure. As it is believed and proven to be, in life only change is constant, likewise in all facet Isaiah O. Aladesanwa, as well as those who believe in the process, are ready to pivot the nation to blissful years of bountifulness.
The situation of our nation is not to be left to the hands of nature, but we, in our actions and inactions should make it an adventure to ensure we make bright the future and make all to be so sure in this legal construct we call our heritage. Life at 26 is a new challenge, a new admission and a new call to saddle in the right direction, so as to make a worthwhile change worthy to be applauded. Semzy, as well as those who have faith in the vision of revitalizing the nation will try as much as they can to change her fate. The process is clear, the goals is well defined, the atmosphere is embracing and like-minded individuals are ready to step in as fast as they can, to make the required changes. Change in our policy, change in our system, change in our national identity, change in our mindsets and change in all that has been bastardized by the hands that be. At 26, SEMZY is saddled to make the envisioned changes. A vision is only worth it when it is brought to reality, all missions are possible if it is on the right course, for the right cause and by the right set of people. The changes we seek is embedded in him, let's look into the rear, shake away our fears and take the nation to her better years of bountifulness. Happy 26th birthday Sir!

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