"Unto us a child is born and unto us a child is given, and the government shall be upon is shoulder..." Isaiah 9:6

It all started like it will never be awesome, but today it's positive. I do remember, my 25th birthday and the difference of the time... It's due to say God has been faithful.

I want to thank Elders, statemen and colleagues who has made this day Joyous, the road to 26 is not easy but it worth it. All thanks to God and my parent. 

A friend, Saka Idowu wrote as a wish to me "Happy Birthday. It took you 26years to look this good" Yes, it was an awesome journey. The account of celebration was much that writing may take a lot of space, but since the journey still continues, Victory for us all is definitely certain.

Photo: Semzy, with the Clerk to the National Assembly and others.

I want to specially thank my God sent father, Arc. Ojo Olatunde A., the Clerk to the National Assembly, watching him act, speak and work has been a added advantage. As the road to service begin from a point, learning in the palace like David, been ordered like Joseph under Pharaoh. He is indeed God sent; time and space and the period we are may restrict me of so much, but I must acknowledge his fatherly role on me, he his far more than a mentor to been my Hero. I owe the success of my future journey aside God and my parents to him.

I want to say thank you, to the members of the Nigeria Phoenix Club, for your esteem support, as I have always said, as long as I am your President, up shall we go. The journey might look far, the starting pace of increase might take time, but I can assure you, we shall all coast to victory.

I want to say thanks to friends who stood by me, in the course of this journey to 26, ranging from Architecture student's class '18, I can tell you are the best. It's my prayer that God crown your efforts with success. As much I will not want to mention name's, be notified that you all are in my heart, and I do believe your prayers are reaching me.

Photo: Picture's taken from the office.

I want to strongly condemn Abortion today, because I am a fruit of unaborted pregnancy, as usual, I love my family, especially my mum, and after praying for me in the early hours of my birthday, I called her back to tell me the reasons why they/she choose to name me 'Isaiah Oluwasemilore Omotayo'? And she said, at the time of employment in those days far back as 1995, the women with pregnancy were all told to abort same, and because of employment many heed, she was the only one who stood her ground, and today many of those one's never gave birth again. I am not happy with this situation, and I stand to speak against this Act, am a pro-life.

And the same employment she did got... Many of the people who heed, still reach out to her till today, asking, how about that child, how about this how about that... This is the boy whom the mother kept! And her believe then was that " the child we repay her time's, even she did not gain the employment" indeed Oluwasemilore, Omotayo! Meaning: Oluwasemilore- God did me good, Omotayo- A Child is a Joy. Thank you Mum!

Special thanks to Mr. Adewale Raimi, Mrs Ajani Funmilayo (Iya awon boyz), Gogo Jibo Lois, Aishatu Bodunrin, Hajia Rabbi, Mrs Adama Helen, Arc Mayowa Ajani, Mr Austen Obama, my guardian Mr & Mrs Ajibade and to my leader Sir Ezekiel Temitope (Optimist), and many more.

To my good friends, Mentor Mard, My P.A Ogunyemi Olayimika (Former Deputy Senate President of my alma mata), Olupona Tosin, Kayode Doyinsolami, Alomore Micheal, Xbodan, T.V.C, Obayori Totulope (Incredible), and my friend Babatunde Maria, you guys are wonderful people.

The road to 26, is all by your support; so many names are on book, but the space here might not contain it." I do appreciate this, and let's together lead a nation we want. We will continue to celebrate the good of ourselves, it's my prayer that God keep us till a good end of time.

I, Isaiah O. Aladesanwa, say thank you, and 'You're a part of the Journey...' And the Journey still continues, till we reach the desired destination.

God keep you safe, and keep us!


  1. Continue to grow in God's favour

  2. Nice one bro....cheers to a new age of greatness!

  3. You're just so super amazing...Knowing You is dignity

  4. Success is sure. Live to fulfill purpose, the process is clear, no need to fear.

    1. I will not be afraid, thanks for all you do.

  5. God 🙏 Blessings upon you always, More Achievement More Success shall you record... Semzy going places.

  6. Wow! i am flummoxed by this epistle, truly you are a testament of God's glory. greater strides bro.

    1. Amen, I need to go get a dictionary with this big grammar. Mr Flummoxed!

  7. my instincts keep telling me m not wrong choosing u as a mentor;thanks for all u do my Oga...more years to celebrate ijn! !

  8. my instincts keep telling me m not wrong choosing u as a mentor;thanks for all u do my Oga...more years to celebrate ijn!

    1. Aladesanwa Isaiah O.19 January 2021 at 00:10

      Amen, thanks. I will like to know this responder. Please contact me.


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