We are Good Together! 'Story of the 5 Maza's'

Isaiah O. Aladesanwa, President Nigeria Phoenix Club

The word Maza is a Hausa word for men, been a while I have taken my time to write, I can't really tell of reasons behind this, I quite know time is a factor. After Nysc, a new chapter of life is opened, and I have to live by it, knowing I have to work to survive. It's sometimes funny to write one own story without cutting corners, as for me we own it to life and Humanity to say the truth without siding each of the divide between truth and lie come what may.

The Safe Meeting!

I was posted to Abuja the capital city of Nigeria for the mandatory one year youth service, I gladly took the offer without knowing that this was a different environment from my over 2 decades stay in Ondo State, I remember one time I was made to laugh in church, when I was reading a bible verse, the visiting Pastor asked where I hail from, I proudly answered 'Owo'- the land of Honour, he cut in, where did I attend my nursery, primary, secondary, without waiting for response he answered the question put out to me. The church laughs! And funny enough my Tertiary education was from my town too. I became more popular, though I was touched by such experience. But am proud of it.

Getting to Abuja, house rent were far more expensive compared to where I came from, lived with my Aunty for some period, and I was left with no choice than to get accommodation, where will I run to, I was praying for luck, called political associate, friends and elders, help was not coming I had to live up to my name Isaiah- God has saved.

The Human Approach,

I was in a taxi setting off for work, a lady just hand over to me a leaflets reading 'Get loan without paying interest', ehhn! I just get in touch with the company, billed for an interview. The company Reliance Cooperative Society, having a branch at Mabushi after Banex junction, Abuja. I was welcome warmly by their staffs... The meeting afford me to meet a young entrepreneur Mr/Mallam Abdullahi O. Paul, when he introduce himself as Paul by way of religion I thought he was a Christian, until he said I should permit him to go pray, ehhn then I know he was a Muslim. Lo and behold, he offered me a house to stay with conditions of staying till a particular period,  I did work to respect the agreement.

The Big Brother Naija Experience,

My aunty drive me down to the location, it's quite far, being an architect I am familiar with location after a time visit, getting to the apartment, we saw Quran, Islamic text and materials, my Aunty being a member of the Deeper Life Bible Church, just said 'Sha ma Sora'- be careful, Motigbo Ma- have heard you ma. Heretofore the journey of a lone survivor. A bedroom apartment, well screed, painted with good facilities. 

At first it was Home Alone, in few days come Abdulmalik, AbdulRahman, Abdullahi and an incoming Nigerian Russian Engr. Abdullahi,  I am never comfortable staying with other's but I lived by it based on situation on ground, we came from different background, and you know what that means. But we were cool together. We lived as we knew each other before hand. 

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During the Lockdown comes Ramadan,

You will agree with me that during the Covid- 19 eras, there happen to be a total economic downturn, in the Yoruba text; Ékù o ké bi éku, Éyé o ké bi éyé (things were not going the way it should go). In all this, the 5 Maza's were supporting each other to live, grow and sustain the times. I remember during the Ramadan AbdulRahman cook for suhool, I do for iftar, being the only Christian, I sit to listen to Tasfir by Mallam Abdullahi and our visiting Engr. from Russia. So much was learnt in this period from one another, and there is section for political reasoning always anchored by Mallam Abdullahi and everyone gets to say one or two things, and we will come to a conclusion hoping for a better Nigeria.

Today, we are glad we met, and could chat the course of life believing in the Nigeria dream, the Africa dream! Indeed, 'We are good Together'!

Word's from The Maza's:

Engr. Abdullahi: 'It was a great moment and unforgettable memory. Above all, meeting you was a major source of inspection, power and foresight. You are one in a million of Christians with 100% tolerance religiously I can say. I really appreciate the Godly and friendly moments we shared together and hoping Nigeria as a country becomes a better place for livelihood. Amen

Abdulmalik: Fast one, Religion,tribe and region is the seat of unionism...

During the lockdown we all stayed together and lived with love and harmony... Apart from the fact that you're the only Christian among... You understood and respected our norms and beliefs. There were days we had enough to rely on there were also days we had nothing to eat, We understood one another and tolerated ourselves when it comes to disagreeable behavior.


Engr. Abdullahi hails from Niger state, return to Russia, married to a Russian.

Mallam Abdullahi Paul hails from Benue, and he his now happily married to a Yoruba woman, Nikkah held in Kaduna state.

Mr AbdulRahman hails from Kaduna, he equally followed the step of his boss, he got married to a Yoruba woman. The Nikkah was held in Ogun State.

Yours Truly (author), got a new accommodation living, and believing that the Best is yet to come.

Abdulmalik hails from Lagos state, returned to school. 

This story is put up to further assure the Nigeria state, that 'We are Good Together' irrespective of our religion, ethnic, language and tribe. Together we stand, Divided we fall!

God bless Nigeria!


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    1. Thanks for reading through. Let's together promote a 'United Nigeria'.

  3. How good and pleasant for we to dwell together in love inrespective of our religions, tribe and so on.

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