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Party politics without the interest of the people at heart is as tantamount to a struggle with no end. The people first, as democracy they say, is a government by the people and for the people.

Its in this light, that we the Ekureku PDP youth stand to make a case for the party in the best interest of the party and the governed. It should be noted, at a time when our party is confronted with threats in Abi Local Government Area, one would have thought that the life of the party should grow above any personal interest of members but reverse is the case.

Dear party Faithfuls and leaders, we are here to learn advisory support to ourr great party PDP. We have heard rumors of the tussle in the past few days, on where and where not the Abi state constituency should be zoned to. We are constrained to write because we now understand which way the pendulum swings, and we are worried!

Recall, PDP lost the House of Representative in the last outing, it wasn't because the candidate for PDP was a bad one, but because the House of Representatives at a time became the Ekureku project. Underestimating the voting strength, and the community sentiment of the people of Ekureku is at the bearers peril. May we not facilitate the reoccurrence of history by our miscalculations.

If we must reclaim our glory, PDP has more interest to protect in Ekureku. The party knows the fight they need to put up in Ekureku by 2023, if that fight is secondary, well, the party is always Supreme. But, be informed, that the people of Ekureku will not fight against themselves for nothing this time as before. It should also be noted that no political appointment in the State can cause the Ekureku people to fight against each other. 

In the past election, some of the political appointees could not go to their polling units to vote in Ekureku, what we saw was zero capacity, do should not be listen to. If PDP must zone, zone the Assembly to Ekureku and see if any Ekureku man is more Ekureku than the other. The party leaders should know these things more than we do. We say this with our whole heart, not at the instance of anyone's aspiration.

In the last two outings, people almost got killed, people were banished from Ekureku, since then, no political office holder in Ekureku or any part of Abi has reached out to them. These people won't risk their lives this time for just political appointments that the appointees only come home when it is time for another election. 

Ekureku needs elective office, by this, the people can point fingers to the elective office holder in the event anything happens. With the House of Assembly zoned to Ekureku, the PDP can reclaim both their stolen mandate in the State Assembly and the House of Representatives. How this will happen is not for public consumption.

It is our prayer that the leadership of the party reflects on this piece.


Happy New month. 


Coalition of Ekureku Concern Political Youths.

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