Easter celebration: How to celebrate Easter

In the early 20s, the celebration of all festivals, special holidays, and religious activities seem more lovely than in the current times. In those days, during easter, children set out to church in their numbers, holding palm fonts, selected persons are billed to act Jesus, wearing a tattered cloth with several underlying dresses to withstand the beating of the young children and sometimes passerby and community elders.

Those days, elders come so low to play alongside children, something very rare now to do, as the new breed of children and youth don't have restrictions on when, what to say, and how to talk to elders. They abuse elders, not knowing they are the elders of tomorrow, by extension, whatever you sow, you will reap. The Yoruba adage says, 'Omo to dobale fun baba, ateyi to fo baba leti, adura kan naani' - A child who prostrate for his father, and one who slaps his father; it's the same prayer for both'. And the prayer is, 'Omo a se ru e fun e - 'A child will do the same for you. It's now your choice!

We go ahead to sing this common song;

Do you know why I love Jesus

I love Jesus, I love Jesus

Do you know why I love Jesus, I love Jesus

I love Jesus

He was going to calvary, and taking the bag of sin;

They bit him, they slap him

And he fell on the floor

That's the book of Isaiah Chapter 6 verse 8,

The lord said who shall I send; 'I will go'.

The moments above were a lovely one at such, everyone see himself as human, Oh, what a memory. In life, we should do things that remind us of the good days. 

Today, the economy and quest to make it big, be seen better than the other peer, the love for more earthly riches has overshadowed the beauty of our holidays, the sanity in our festivities, the cure of the moments of grace, and the constant remembrance of Heaven. What a time to live in the world! Scientist says the world revolves, maybe it will still revolve back to how we met it, or leave it at how it was in our time.

If there should be a prayer to pray, it is to ask God to return us to the times in which we see ourselves as brothers and sisters in Christ.

At a very tender age, our play writers and stage makers, act in a way that educates than corrupts the mind to do evil, making evil look horrible. You had no choice but to stay in the lane of righteousness. We saw everyone as a middle class not extreme. We can still go back to those times if we all put to heart that the world and its effects will go, and if they don't, we will go! 

Always remember: We came to this life with nothing, after fighting for everything, we leave with nothing!

Why do we celebrate Easter? 

Easter is the celebration of the Ascension of Jesus. The bible teaches that, after the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem and other events that unfold, a certain disciple of Jesus, named Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus, his close ally Peter also denied him three times, and he was billed to die for the sin of the world. The bible beforehand teaches that Jesus had earlier prayed in Matthew 26:42, "He went away again the second time, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if this cup may not pass away from me, except I drink it, thy will be done."

Indeed, God's will, will always trump mans ideas, vision, and thinking, more reasons why we should lay all to God, financially, physically, health-wise, and more.

In Nigeria, we set aside public holidays for Easter, starting from the Good Friday up to Monday. On Monday, we do a resemblance of Jesus meeting the disciples in Galilee, we go to a designated point called Ori oke, top of the mountain (Galilee) where we pray and at a point remain silent, believing, that was when Jesus appeared to talk to his disciples before ascending. (This account varies in form, per denomination dogma, and style)

What a sweet moment. This period is known to produce a certain fruit called Awin, pardon.  It is a small, black shell-covered fruit, inside it is a vitamin C-like fruit, licked until you get to the semi-strong seed inside. It comes in a bunch. After prayers, old friends connect, and people who have an interest in each other get to meet, greet and do the walking home together in the atmosphere of love.

Best ways to celebrate Easter

1. By praying for the nation: the bible says, pray for the good of Jerusalem, our country, Nigeria, is our own Jerusalem. We must continually pray for its survival, unity, and progress. We must also pray the bond of our unity remains strong, as we together build a better country.

2. By giving to the needy: the Christian faith, is known to give. As this is one of the pillars of our faith, the bible instructs, 'Give, it shall be given unto you, good measure shaken together and running over. It means, there must be a giving before a running over. Life in general believes it is a give and take thing. 

3. As it is a moment of resurrection, you as a believer must be strong in the Lord, by praying that every one of your good intentions that have died, should rise back to life. That, as Jesus Christ died and rose again, every dead ambition, progress, and good tidings should rise back to life. And your destiny shines on and brighter.

4. The bible says, John 12:24 "Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it dies, it bringeth forth much fruit." Believe you have died with Christ, so your coming out is to bring forth more fruit, more hope, more assurance of victory to the world.

This is the time to call friends, to rejoice with you. Believing that, he that has spared your life to witness this year Easter will watch you witness next.

5. Knowing nothing last forever, this is the period by which you forgive those who offend you. If Christ could forgive Peter who denied him, or people who nail him to the cross, still asking his father, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do'. So, why not you?

Remember, it's easy to hate, but love is more powerful. Christ is the reason for the season, make his death a new life-changing period for you and yours.

Happy Easter celebration, may we live to see the next.

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