OJ FUSION: When love just happen

Olamide & Opeyemi pose for a photo

The beauty of a relationship is when you get used to a person; it is not sudden. It is just a process, and you don't realize when love happens. - Riteish Deshmukh

Two people were on a ship, as strangers, on the go later felt for each other, while on the voyage they got knitted together, surprisingly one had to go for the other to remain, this was the way love is, it will remain so world to be. Love does not have a streamlined way of how it should go, it just happens.

The short and apt story above is of the titanic which is sailing Germany, where a refine English chap met, and got enticed with a lady, who later loved each other. The moment on the ship is classified by high-class writers as 'one of the love stories ever told.' Love from Adams has never had a  name or math of how it should be played nor how it should be expressed. It just happens!

We may have to write a book on when love just happens people have had to do episodes on when love just happens. It may likely not stop as far as love happens in the world and marriage is made to be done.

Many stories have emerged of friends who later became couples, we have read of Romeo and Juliet, we have heard of the titanic and the risk of love, we have seen the account of two inseparable beings as friends who later became a couple. 

We intend to write the same account of how Opeyemi and Olamide met, we got restrained by forces beyond our control.

Honestly, it's a great one at such. The groom's friend in his words said "If I have had to know of a love story in whom friends became lovers, its OJ fusion."

What do people say?

"This is making sense, am surprised, I don't expect this population of friends and well wishes" - Eminent, a former schoolmate of the groom

It's overwhelming, it's been over three years since I saw my friends, the event made it happen, it's my prayer that God crowns their union with greatness. - Aminu, past student of the groom's alma mater.

"The event is perfectly okay, their union came at the right time. Indeed, love is a beautiful thing." - Folajomi Alex, Aka Fijay Aluta (Aluta choirmaster)

"The presence of past and current students of the institution he graduated from is a testament to his goodwill and further proved the quality of life he is living. It is our equal wish and prayer that God who is starting this union will continue his good work in their life. On behalf of the student populace I led, we wish the union happy married life." Comr. Excellent, Past union leader.

Happy married life OJ Fusion 22.

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