ONDO NORTH 2023: Competence should trump popular demand

Sen. R.A Borofice, Otunba Samuel Alade, and Messrs Tokunbo Modupe 

In the build-up to the race of the senate in Ondo north senatorial district, many political observers and poll makers have been watching with keen interest how the election is going to be run. This is a time when young folks are yearning for opportunities to serve at the helm of power. Interest forms have been picked by a majority number of youths ranging from the Member house of assembly, Federal house of representatives, and the senate.

For Ondo North senatorial district, it's more interesting to note that among the fillers of the form are ex-government officials and new names coming up the sleeves to make a change in our political terrain. Names such as Tokunbo Modupe fondly known as TPT, who before now worked with the Labour party administration of Former Governor Olusegun Mimiko where he made a name for himself, flying under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party.

Another such name is the Akoko born, a retired military man, Rear Admiral Samuel Ilesanmi Alade, fondly called "SIA" by his team of followers jostling for the ticket on the platform of the All progressive congress.

It will be worth noting the Rear admiral is making a wave in the news, in the ears of the good people of Ondo state, reason not far fetched based on his closeness with the current Governor of Ondo state, and his streams of traditional titles amongst others the title of Balogun of Akure land, Otunba of Afin land, Afin Akoko, Ondo state.

In the light of the above, words are going around that the Governor's wife is also eyeing the seat in the upper chamber, though as it stands, it's a widespread rumor and one may not need to take it for granted as power drives like a speed train. It has no end until crushed by superior speed.


Going through some parts of history, the incumbent Senator Roberts Ajayi Borofice got elected on the platform of the Labour party, decamped to the then Action congress which metamorphosed into the Action Congress of Nigeria, and now with the " 2015 Great amalgamation" became the All progressive congress. Sen. Borrofice by way of terms has spent Three (3) terms and if he decides to run again will be going his fourth uninterrupted stay in the corridors of power as a senator of the Federal Republic.

The will be 73years old senator, born on the 23rd of April 1949 will break the jinx like his former boss Olusegun Mimiko as the first senator to be elected for straight four terms unhindered, with Mimiko as two-term governor making history in Ondo state.

Why we should elect competence over popular demand 

It's common knowledge that politics is a game of numbers, technical know-how, and above all, the support of the pocket policy. The money they say answered all things, elections inclusive, it most times the survival of the fittest and the who has more get it all.

Though things changes, the election sometimes turns against the run of plays, and 2023 may not be different, one needs to fear the willingness of the youth to be actively involved in politics when it comes to the general election. With the influence of social media and opinions makers the youth are coming out in their numbers to regulate the scene, and the political environment, they want their voice heard, they are ready to soil their hands, and they want to prove to the world, they can do it better.

As it stands, Senator Ajayi Borrofice has moved bills, supported motions that in one way helped his constituency, and more so encourage the unity of Nigeria. He doubles as the Senate Deputy majority leader of the current 9th assembly ably led by Senator Ahmad Lawan. It will noteworthy that the team of executives in the senate had helped stabilize the unity of the country and further supported the Leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari in delivering on his election promises. 

One of his major bills is "A BILL FOR AN ACT TO PROVIDE FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF UNIVERSITY OF AEROSPACE AND AERONAUTICS OKA AKOKO (est bill) 2020" marked SB 409, which is currently reported out of committee will soon be placed for third reading in the hallowed chamber.

Furthermore, it's common knowledge that expertise and experience open other room for new paths and higher strides in politics and the history of success stories. With the turn of political leaning in Nigeria, it's well-received that power will shift to the South, while the southwest is more favored with the likes of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu throwing his weight to contest for the number one seat. All things being equal if he gets it, Ajayi Borofice if elected for the fourth term may be considered for the Senate President against the power balance of a southeastern Senate President. Everyone is almost likely afraid to give power to the Igbos so as not to call for the division of the country. 

When we consider the above and other major events like his support for Ondo state stability and his support for the Akoko people, it will dutiful to give power to the competent and region favored, against popular or beer parlor demand who in no turn put the state and district (Akoko North senatorial district) in a shadow till the next political season.

Like the popular Bible verse Matthew 27v17, "I leave with you Jesus which is called Christ and Barnabas, who do you want...?" I ask the same question in the spirit of progress, "Between Borofice and others whom do you want for senate? Choose he, whom ye want!

God bless Ondo state, God bless Nigeria.

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