The history behind Keke Marwa

Keke Marwa

"Our prayers shouldn't be, God, give us good leaders, but good citizens" -Anonymous

Like many, we sometimes live in the past or with unknown information about our state, country, or continent, and our social being makes us realize some of these facts. I wrote in my recent article, that, 'A child who knows how to wash his hand, will eat with the elders. This opinion still works, as our elders are well equipped with what happened in the past, and they sometimes keep this fact with them, some even die alongside all they know. The world is changing, in those days there is a moonlight tale, where children will gather and listen to a tale-teller, who can be someone from your immediate family or relation. On this note, this is a call to return Africa's economy to when it was family-friendly.  

Also, plead with the Buhari Government to have lasting negotiations with ASUU while meeting their demands. It's 10weeks of industrial action and still counting. We should all note, If a nation is to be destroyed, it's through its education system because it's the bedrock of knowledge.

To our story,  have you imagined, traveling down the southern part of Nigeria, and you had an argument with a Keke Marwa driver, and the next thing is he brings out a knife, does the Bismillahi thing, and stabs you in the stomach? NO! Maybe, YES, with the influx of young northern chap, with no real idea or intentions of why they are migrating south.

In the nation's capital, Abuja, these events happen almost all the time, in different locations, the only thing to do as saving grace is when you speak the Hausa language, then you are considered part of us, 'namu namu (Na our person).

Mohammed Buba Marwa

How does Keke Marwa come to being?

Keke is the nickname for commercial Tricycle in Nigeria, used for transportation of goods and services, The word Keke is derived from the Yoruba language, its a means of transportation commonly used in Third world countries, with India as a major user, if not major producer through China for cheap labor and supply chain.

The word Marwa was coined from the last name of the then Military Administrator of Lagos state, Gen. Mohammed Buba Marwa, around 1996 - 1999, before the advent of civilian rule. He introduced the transport system as another means of transportation easing people day to day activities. Until Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, the Architect of modern Nigeria came to power, they started making it a means of alleviating poverty, with their program; National Poverty Alleviation Program, NAPEP. Keke now become a popular means of transportation across Nigeria.

Keke Marwa Today

From the ages till now, the Tricycle is still referred to as Marwa in Lagos, and other parts of the southwest, this is due to the special status of Lagos and all it represents. 

How? When the then General now President  Muhammadu Buhari started WAI - War against indiscipline, Lagos created her own as KAI - Kick against indiscipline. 

Not just that, bread is bread everywhere in Nigeria, but in Lagos, it's either Agege bread or Oshodi Bread, they may still have Tinubu's bread in the future when he becomes President. Smiles!

Watch out: Reasons why Keke has become a thing of fear for users.


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