OKADA BAN: Hausa community threatening Sanwo Olu

Hausa community threatening Sanwo Olu on reelection is a shame and going too far in the freedom given to operate in a foreign land.

You will recall, on Wednesday 18th, May 2022, Lagos state Government bans Okada activities in some parts of the state, a pronouncement which was met with protest and a public fight between the men of the Nigeria Police Force and the Okada riders.

Threatening the Governor of Lagos state of his reelection, except he allows them to go on with their day-to-day riding of Okada.

These events sound awkward, regardless, it behooves us to say and think:-

Who has Bewitched us?

Who has bewitched us as a people, that we don't have conscience again

Funny, how it seems, a stranger threatening the owner - Weird

O ye Lagosians, who has bewitched you

O Lagos, my Lagos, who has covered your eyes, not to see the dangers looming

O ye, the once glorious Southwest, who has kept you in the mud?

O ye, Yoruba race, where is the spirit of our unity of purpose

O ye decision-makers, who have covered us up with no meaningful societal impacts again

O ye youth, who has bedeviled us not to think beyond the regular

O ye merrymakers, who have turned life into fun for the sake of the cheap glorification

Gone are the days of Pa Awolowo, 

The learned silk, who speaks to our consciousness

A man, who saw good projects spring up with no or little resources

A man who started the first this, the first that

Oh, where is our adorable cocoa house

How about our numerous cocoa plantations

Where is the pride in our rubber export rate

The palm oil, the Oluwa glass, the marble industry...

We have gone from the dreams of our fathers

We have deviated into chasing shadows

We are ridiculed, taken with levity

We are now second class

Why, Why, Oh Why!

Why are there out of school children

Why is there an increase in the number of street beggars

Why are there no more fathers leading sons

Or mother encouraging daughters

In the good old days, we glory in education

Now, our sons pride in Yahoo Yahoo, daughters in prostitution

With longings for fast money, make quick schemes and seem to have no recourse

Our able men in prison, our beautiful princesses in rehab

We rank high in people accused of a cybercrime, rituals, and advanced fee fraud

...Change can come!

The tide can change

Leaders can lead right without fear of Central power 

Justice can be served on issues of right

We can raise the bar of freedom again 

The glorious days will come

If we choose to be the best again

We must all make personal sacrifices

Then, the Best will come!

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