The necessity of Faith and Religion

Deborah Samuel, slain Sokoto state student 

Religion is the opium of the poor - Anonymous 

Just some days ago, some ardent Islamic mob, burnt a lady named Deborah Samuel to death in Sokoto state, Nigeria. It is pertinent to note that Sokoto state is somewhat the headquarters and regional head of Muslims in Nigeria. The beautiful lady was cut short of life because of an issue, 'Blasphemy' and the same act was committed in the core North, not even in the mid-north states like Niger, Kogi, Benue, Plateau, or Kaduna, unlike Kaduna, where there is Law & order, where government, institutions clamp down on dissidents, with mixed culture, where the man at the helm of government affairs is such a no-nonsense, neither was the act committed in the Southern part of Nigeria, where anything you say, can freely go due to disregards for religion and extremism.

Truth be told, this case is not to desecrate a particular race or class, if you abuse my father, or say printed words against my association, So help me God, I won't take it likely with you. It is a matter of pride and honor. We have seen cases whereby football fans kill each other for comments against their respective club, let alone the statements of blasphemy, which can lead anyone to death.

For the records, if a person was on the verge of being raped, and as soon as the person was able to escape, her bounder, in a bid to not be revealed can easily shout, she blasphemes the name of our Prophet. It is as bad as that, this case of blasphemy is not only a show of fear and maintaining the status of the prophet, but an emotional victory over people of the other religion. It's a Jihad of the sort!

As much as we stand against religious killings, the more we stand against unguarded talks. There is always a saying, 'when you are in Rome, you behave like the Romans.'

How the Sokoto student was killed

Verified news confirmed How the Sokoto student was killed, how she stood against the posting of religious content in a WhatsApp group solely created for dissemination of information, as regards tests, lectures, examination updates, lecturers' advice, and the list goes on. Except that she uses the words 'these nonsense religious posts'. That's going too far in an unknown land, far from her origin, I blame the little girl for not being a student of history, to have known that statements against the Prophet (Peace be upon Him) are as bad as speaking against the President of the country, even more.


Freedom of speech I can assure you, but freedom after speech I can't assure you. - Idi Amin

What is the position of Islam as regards Blasphemy

The position of Islam as regards blasphemy is simple and has not changed, Quranic text shows that the messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), was at some point in his sojourn on earth pained when they say sort words against Almighty Allah, the religion, and him, but he was guided to show peace to those that mock him, the religion, and his God, "So be patient over what they say and exalt with the praises of your Lord before the rising of the sun and before its setting." (Surah Ta Ha 20:130), the Quran was so explanatory as regards blasphemy.

In advanced countries, and maybe the cradle of Islam, countries like Iran, Iraq, and others, tried people who blaspheme against Islam in a court of competent jurisdiction. And the sentence followed, just that sometimes, the people are not always pleased with the Judgement of the Court. Whereas in such cases, they look forward to the central, regional, and district governments getting what pleases their heart like the case of Jesus and Barabbas before Pontius Pilate.

How Government respond to the mob action

On a more sincere note, the way government responds to the mob action has been such a thumb up, the Federal Government of Nigeria did incredibly well to have criticized the act, and the Sokoto state government's swift arrest of the culprits has brought a bit of hope that future occurrences will not go as pretty as this, due to government clampdown.

Several government officials have condemned the action, including members of the National assembly, more on this page is Hon. Shina Peller who represents the good people of Iseyin/Itesiwaju/Kajola/Iwajowa in Oyo Stat went viral with a video condemning the act. Many in places of authority couldn't condemn such action, for obvious reasons they are up for re-election or because of the fear of not being seen as anti-Islam, which in turn can be political suicide.

The Nigeria Governor's forum is not left out, with her Chairman, Dr. Kayode Fayemi who is always quick to go to the media when issues of this weight occur. The funniest part is that of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, who as an elderly man should not be afraid of whose ox is gored, he condemned the killing in the first place, but wasn't man enough to stand his ground, he deleted the comments on all his social media handle, shameful! This as shows that Atiku is not a good idea for Nigeria's Presidency, he never learns from his principal, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo while Atiku served as Vice President, he was more concerned about succeeding his boss, a dream he may not fulfill as long as Nigeria union stand.

Only God gives power, maybe Atiku is not meant to Preside over Nigeria.

What is the necessity of faith and religion

In light of the above, the necessity of faith and religion is, LOVE, PEACE, AND GROWTH!

• With love we can live among ourselves without one seeing the other as inferior or feeling, that religion A is superior to religion B. We are good together as a people.

Let us all remember; "It is easy to hate but love is more powerful." Let love lead, let us work and walk together in love regardless of tribe, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, and sacred groups.

• In peace can anyone achieve anything worthwhile, in the absence of peace comes fighting, war, and destruction. People should note, that no single person, or region, is an island of trouble, it's a culture of honor, we only respond differently to the devil in us.

• Growth is made for all, a child grows to become an adult, and from there becomes whatever destiny wished him. Let us allow growth in the system, let us leave for our unborn generation a better place to take pride in, and be able to beat their chest and make the remarks 'I am a Nigerian'. 

In case of perceived blasphemy as accorded by law, let us approach the Sharia court, or the civil court as the case may be instead of putting laws into our hands. Shalom!

God bless Nigeria 

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