EDO PDP CRISIS: Obaseki sue for peace

Governor of Edo State Mr. Godwin Obaseki

The Governor of Edo State, Mr. Godwin Obaseki has sued for peace in the People's Democratic Party in Edo state. He made the call in a meeting on Monday in Benin City, the State capital.

The meeting was held due to the internal wrangling ongoing in the party in Edo State. Mr. Obaseki in his statement said, "the only thing that can stop us (PDP) from claiming the presidency is internal wrangling, and you have seen how it has played out in Ekiti, and if we don't curb it, it will continue to spread".

He continued, "we have attended to the members of the State working committee who said they have not been taken care of, and I hereby wish for peace". He further "And peace can only be attained when the leadership of any organization insists there must be peace because your followers are ready wherever you say should go, they will go, whatever you say they should do, they will intensify it."

"This is politics, whatever wrangling we must try and resolve it, no court of law can resolve a political issue. So I am proposing that we all commit ourselves to resolve finally all the issues in all the chapters across the State."

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Mr. Godwin Obaseki further announces himself as the Leader of the party, he said "I am the Leader of this party, and I will not accept going forward any disregard for my leadership. I have done everything they said I should do and I will continue to. We have a party constitution, and I believe that we didn't just create the Constitution for the fun of it." 

You will recall, since the inception of the Governor into the Party, the structure of the party has not been fully under the Governor's directive. In what seems to be a party with no head in Edo State, Governor Obaseki has not enjoyed the benefit of being the leader of the party, he was only the leader on paper not in action. While the constitution of the PDP ascertains that the leader of the party at the state level is the Governor, the opposite is the case in Edo.

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 Mr. Obaseki coming into the PDP has been meted with one crisis and the other, with the meeting, it is hoped that the issues will be resolved completely.

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